Daily Update. Friday, 20th May, 2011.

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update. Friday, 20th May, 2011.

  • When I started yestarday's thread, we had EJ on three eggs.  Now we have EJ on two eggs, and a chick!  Can't wait to see the bobblehead in daylight :-)

  • EJ on nest, windy, light flickering. Great news of little humbug, expecially that it waited for the upgrade so we didn't miss the event. Thanks for the videos.

    Barbara Jean - You wrote "However it has a very  strange  statement. It says "This post has no replies so NO CHILDREN WILL BE DELETED. LOL  The techs must have been tired when they  typed that one " Maybe someone else has replied (I didn't see in my speed-read), Maybe someone with more know-how will explain. I think the techies refer to replies to a post as "children". If one deletes a post, its replies will not be attached to anything. It there are no replies, no problem.

  • Bringing this over for anyone who didn't get to see it

  • It so sweet to hear the wee humbug calling.  One of the nicest sounds in nature :-)

  • EJ is doing a lot of egg rocking this morning . I wonder if chick #2 is  trying to crack  it's shell

  • Hello all,

    What great news! Well done EJ!! (and Odin of course). I was watching at around 11.30 pm last night and I could see a lot of fidgeting, but I didn't manage to stay up for once, so I missed the big event by a whisker it seems :-( Thanks ChloeB for the clip :-)

    Barbara, I don't think the 2nd chick is due yet, EJ is probably just getting used to the squirmings of the first little one!

    Here she is looking wet but rather beautiful this morning:

  • The rain is still falling, pitter patter on the microphone, and covering EJ's feathers in little droplets



    Lady of the Loch has just stood up, and I don't see a chick yet, so it looks like EJ won the race :-)

  • Well done EJ and Odin. Just managed to keep my eyes open long enough to see the hatch last night but thank you Chloe for the capture. EJ seems settled for now but it's still raining hard up here.

  • What a way to start a day :) Brilliant news!!! Thank you Chloe for that video :))))) Off to work now but will probably smile all day non-stop now LOL

  • Great news! Haven't seen the bobblehead yet, but watching out. Sue

  • Sue C

    Great news! Haven't seen the bobblehead yet, but watching out. Sue

    If you were just newly born would you want to come out on a morning like this? :)

  • Odin has arrived.

  • I think Odin brought a fish in with him, but EJ was being faithful to your young chick, and ignored him.  What a dreadful dreicht morning.  AT least the wind has dropped.

  • Odin will be wondering what is wrong. She refused a fish last night.

  • But it's snowing!  Or is that hail?