Technical Test Thread

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Technical Test Thread

  • I have decided to start this thread for discussing technical issues that come up rather than messing up the other threads.

    I guess the first issue seems to be pasting Word text into posting boxes.

    Recently we have had three threads lockup up as a result of posts involving Word text.

  • Good idea Tiger, was thinking about this myself.

    We could do with a test thread to try out what seems to be going wrong.

  • Thank you Tiger.

    OK, so of course, Chloe, because of the months of PC problems I had which finally resolved on the cusp of the new Osprey season and my need to use a new Profile on my PC, I can't find note pad. Grrrrrrr. Would OneNote work?

  • Hi Chloe , when I try to copy and paste a jpg into my signature box I get this error message.

    An error occurred validating a field. Please go to the previous page and try again.

    Also, you say I am able to change the size of the image . But I don't see how. There is nothing in the signature box to allow this. Did you mean I should do this in Photoshop or somewhere?

    Sorry to be a pest

  • You will find Notepad in START>All Programmes>Accessories. You can add a shortcut from there to the start menu or taskbar..

    Where are you copying/pasting the jpg from Cirrus?

    The option to resize is only available when you actually have an image in the box, then it appears as a frame around the image that you can adjust with your cursor.

    Don't worry, you are not a pest at all. I am always happy to help when I can  :)

  • I have typed this in Word then copied and pasted directly into the rich text format reply box. Let’s see what happens when I post.

  • Ok so that worked. My next message will be done using the the box that opens when I click on the Word icon.

  • I have typed this in Word again and using the ‘Word box’

  • Very strange. It worked perfectly for me both ways.

  • I am doing a test to see whether using Word is affecting my smart links.



     EDIT - well that's rubbish!

  • original goldfinch

    I am doing a test to see whether using Word is affecting my smart links.



     EDIT - well that's rubbish!

    Make sure the box is empty before pasting something in there!

    Alternatively highlight what is in the box before pasting!

  • How were you doing that OG?

  • I also am experiencing a technical problem today, but I don't know the cause.

    This morning like every other morning I opened up an IE window that contains the LG web-cam as my home page. I only use IE for the web-cam because I could always increase it's size and I couldn't in Firefox. I always use Firefox for my other regular surfing.

    Anyway, I capture all of my images with Debut Video Capture Software and what I do is ensure that the web-cam image is centred in a small IE window, then I click to capture the image in that part of the desk top. I posted some captures on today's LG thread.

    This afternoon when I looked, the open capture window is all black despite the fact that the web-cam is running perfectly on the open IE window. Nothing I do will persuade DVCS that the web-cam isn't a black screen.

    I have had to go directly to the Carynx link to make it work. I can't enlarge that picture size either.

    I have closed down and restarted several times and the IE window picture won't transmit to DVCS no matter what I do.

    I don't know where the problem is.


  • I am doing a test to see if I am able to include a signature at the bottom of my posts as I don't have a clue what i'm doing. Alan has been most helpful


    Obviously note.

    a)  I upload the image to cyper space

    b) I post the code than given , after the upload , into my signature window/box.

    I don't get it



  • Cirrus: You need to go on to your profile and insert the code into your signature box there without the quotes.

    Example ""

    Should come out like this: