Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Mar-Aug 2012 CLOSED

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Mar-Aug 2012 CLOSED

  • This Topic has been set up to follow the Spring 2012 migration, and summer activities, of satellite tracked ospreys, excluding Rothes and Tore from Loch Garten, who are followed on this thread.

    It replaces this earlier thread, Satellite Tracked Ospreys (non-LG) Aug 2011 - Feb 2012. 

  • First, the Uk-born ospreys who are expected to return north this year, by tracking organisation:  

    Roy Dennis, Highland Foundation for Wildlife – Scotland

    Beatrice     Adult female, hatched 2000, tagged 2008, ring Green 5B. On all of her tracked migrations, she has taken a stopover on the River Adour, near Dax in the Landes department of SW France.  She winters in southern Spain, dividing her time between the Bay of Gibraltar, and the Guadiaro river to the north east. In 2011, Beatrice moved back to her old nest in West Moray, and raised 2 chicks with a new mate.

    Red 8T        Adult male, hatched 2001, tagged 2009, ring Red 8T. He nests in Strathspey, and is often seen at the Rothiemurchus fishery. His wintering site is on the Casamanche River near Ziguinchor, southern Senegal. In summer 2011 his nest failed.

    Morven        Adult female, hatched 2003, tagged 2008, ring White PE. Morven’s nest site is near Forres, Moray; she winters on the desert coast of Mauritania, north of the capital Nouakchott. Her transmitter has been faulty for a long time, and only gives occasional signals.  In 2011 she raised 3 chicks with a new mate.

    Rothiemurchus Young adult male, ring Blue AE, hatched in 2009 on Rothiemurchus Estate, near Aviemore, Highland. He has established his wintering site on the Senegal/Gambia border. In summer 2011, he returned to Britain for the first time, and toured Scotland and Northern England.  

    Rutland Water Osprey Project

    Rutland Water are following two adult male ospreys who were tagged in summer 2011.   

    09(98)           Adult male, ring Orange 09. Hatched in 1998 in Scotland and translocated to Rutland Water. He has never bred, but paired with female 5N(04) this summer at Site N, after the disappearance of her mate 08(97). His wintering site is in Senegal, on the coast between St. Louis and Dakar.

    Blue AW       Adult male, ring Blue AW. Hatched at Rutland Water in 2006, parents 03(97) and 05(00). He has been breeding since 2010. This winter he has spent time in two different areas, initially on the coast of Guinea, before moving east to Cote d’Ivoire.   

    There was an earlier Rutland Water project, tracking translocated juveniles, from 1999-2002 - here's the link to all the records:

    Lake District Osprey Project, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cumbria, England

    Project website                                     Tracking reports

    White 12       Sub-adult male, hatched 2010 at Bassenthwaite. He migrated to Gambia that autumn, and has been living on the SW coast near Kartong. 


    Now the birds hatched in 2011, who are expected to remain in Africa this year: 

    Ozwold          Also tracked by Roy Dennis    Immature male, ring blue 97, hatched 2011 near Nairn. The tracking of Ozwold is sponsored by the publishers of the children’s book “Sky Hawk” by Gill Lewis, who is also following him in her own blog.  He seems to have settled in Banc d’Arguin National Park, Mauritania.

    Dyfi Osprey Project

    Website                                                  Facebook  

    Einion      Immature male hatched 2011, ring Blue DH. Migrated to Senegal, and spent 4 months at Somone Lagoon south of Dakar. Has recently moved north to Langue de Barbarie NP, south of St. Louis.   

    Dulas       Immature male hatched 2011, ring Blue 99. Spent 3½ months in Gambia before moving south to Guinea-Bissau. 


  • Now the European tracking projects: 

     Eagle Club of Estonia

    Tracking map     

    Erika     Adult female, age unknown, tagged 2007, ring Black 85. Erika’s nest site is in Virumaa county, north eastern Estonia. She travels via the Eastern Mediterranean and the Nile and winters in Sudan. I believe she is the longest-tracked osprey to date.

    Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki

    Jukka    Adult male, ringed & tagged 2009, ring Red PS. Jukka nests in Pälkäne, southern Finland, and winters at the Lagdo Reservoir, Cameroon.

    CAnMove – Centre for Animal Movement Research, Lund University, Sweden

    Current project tracking two ospreys on this map . To switch between them, click on the down arrow in the box labelled “Visa” and hit the “Uppdatera” key. 

    19153 has settled in the Saloum Delta in Senegal, and 49460 at Lac de Buyo in the Ivory Coast. They will both be two this year, so are due to migrate this spring.     

  • We know of three projects based in North America:   

    Rob Bierregaard, University of North Carolina, USA

    Rob’s web page to track the 2011 migrations - 2012 not set up at present. 

    Friends of the Osprey, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

    Website                              Tracking Map

    54706 is an adult female who in 2010-11 completed the longest migration of all the tracked ospreys, between Kawartha Lakes and the far south of the Amazon basin in Brazil. 

    Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

    Website                       not updated since 31/1 for any of the 3 ospreys. 

  • Thank you for setting up this Sue. Fantastic as always!

  • Thanks SueC.

    Kawartha Lakes osprey 54706 still in same area of Amazonia as at 02.03.12.

  • SueC thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated.

  • Dulas has moved much closer to Nimrod s wintering area. Perhaps he is taking advantage of the adults moving out:


  • Einion has also arrived at a great spot for ospreys. 

  • SUE, this is amazing. What a definitive find. Thank you so much for taking so much time for us.

  • Brilliant as ever Sue, thanks!

  • Swedish osprey 49460 still at Lac De Buyo in the Ivory Coast:

  • Jukka : No change:

  • Latest on US ospreys:

    "At long last, I have updated maps for our 3 youngsters. Thatch's maps are really interesting. He and Belle should be heading north in April or May. This will be the first trip north for both birds. I don't like what I see in Snowy's maps. He's found a place in Venezuela that he likes, but I'm not sure it's a good place for him...

    I didn't update maps for our 2 adult males because they're too boring! Neither has moved more than a couple of miles since they settled down on their wintering waters back in fall. The adults (North Fork Bob and Senor Bones) will be heading north sometime this month. Last year Bob headed north on 20 March, with Senor Bones starting the trip north a few days after that.

    If you click on the link where I report the date of the latest updates, you'll go right to the most recent maps for that bird:

  • Alan thanks for the news and link for the US ospreys.