Loch of the Lowes (APRIL 2012)

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Loch of the Lowes (APRIL 2012)

  • Here's hoping this works.

  • Chloe: You're a GEM; it worked! Brilliant!

    Lady is asleep on the nest and I'm off to cook dinner and shower, etc. Back later!

  • Thanks for statrting the new thread Annette.  I think this format should work just fine.

    Lady Marge is trying to enjoy a snooze at the moment.

  • Great stuff Annette, so pleased :)

    Off to bed now. Night night.

  • Well she just lasered poop across the nest and now she having a good preen before another snooze.  Oblivious to her worldwide fame.  Super Osprey!

  • Hi everyone: I'm copying and pasting below my last post on the original LOTL thread. It's just FYI, but raises a couple of points that we might want to keep in mind.

    I was concerned about Tiger's and other folks' comments about cluttering up the RSPB site with SWT bird news. I appreciate, as Tiger pointed out, that Wildlife Village provides a very good daily review  but a Monthly Update for LoTL here would give us a chance to comment on daily events and include pix (with appropriate copyright credit to SWT).   If this doesn't cause any problems with RSPB, we'll continue; otherwise we'll have to figure out something else. It's just that the LOTL 2012 thread was already very long and we've only just started the season

  • Lady on the nest and awake.

  • Lady awake and puttering on the nest.

  • Male arrived on the nest and took off again immediately. Didn't have a chance to see if he had any fish

  • Well, attempted landing by someone but only the feet appeared before disappearing again. Lady sitting and looking around; she probably wonders what's going on.  Me too!

  • Deleted; Wrong thread.

  • Male just zoomed in for clumsy landing on Lady to mate then took off again immediately.

  • And here he comes again; same routine!

  • OMG and it's him AGAIN!  Three times so far. And STILL no fish!

  • Maybe the second attempt wasn't succesful?