Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 22 April 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 22 April 2012


  • What a happy post to start a new week. See this post

  • Alicat, OG, NiteOwl, Patricia & anyone who is suffering, I hope you get relief soon. Sometimes we just have to be patient and wait for the body to heal with rest.

    Annette - You wrote "Are you doing exercises for your knee yet?"  Hey I started pre-op exercises in January. Post-op exercises started the very day after the op!!! Admittedly simple ones at first, more added on days 2 & 3. I have several to do 4 times a day plus the hourly circulation-encouraging "wriggles". I "seize up" so quickly every time I'm stationary. Then before I move, I have to do mini versions to get leg moving. Slight improvement every day.

    Yes Linda it is frustrating. But it isn't 3 weeks yet. I tell myself a "watched kettle doesn't boil".  And how time doesn't fly when one isn't having fun. LOL

    Very light showers yesterday, cleared today. I had 10 mins in sun this morn.

  • Evening all: Lovely day - headed off to a demonstration at lovely local garden center on Plumerias only to find out it was last week! Brilliant. Still, that particular nursery is unique so it's never a waste of time to go there - and it's just up the road from my favorite rose nursery, so just had to pop in and buy another rose (I really do have a place for it). Then home and into the front garden to tidy up and put a new lavender in where the original one had been peed-on by dogs that can't get to the lavender anymore.  Anyway....

    Diane: Thanks for starting us off.

    Tiger: What a nice treat for June's group!

    Alicat: Good for you going to the A&E and hope you feel more confident of the diagnosis. If it's not better in a week, I'd push for the scan as the A&E doc suggested.  

    OG: What a shame you missed the Golden Eagle event - does typing on the blog constitute "wiggling" your fingers?  I hope so! Wonder what caused it to flare up....

    Alan: I can see you're having a lot of fun with the Hosepipe Ban.  :-))

    Lindybird: How frustrating about the window - but the Man had ordered the right size, yes? It was the company that screwed up? Hope you got that garden work done; wouldn't want us to be named in any divorce proceedings. :-)  Those are huge puppets!

    dibnlib: What a lovely day - glad you had such a good time in spite of the weather.

    jsb: Fascinating story about the satellite. Wonder if they'll be able to fix it.

    patriciat: Hurray for Tweed - 4th place is good!  Hope your poor tooth is even better Sunday.

    AQ: Was in the shower this afternoon and smiling at "If cats could talk, they wouldn't."  Silly me, of course you've started exercises - so you're doing "wriggles" and OG's doing "wiggles." Sounds very high tech.  :-)

    Tomorrow is our anniversary and OH and I are treating ourselves to a super-duper brunch at the Santa Barbara Biltmore (recently became the Four Seasons).  We were there once before about five years ago and it was marvellous. The hotel is right on the beach with wonderful gardens.....and I've just lost a couple of pounds - oh well.

    Have a good Sunday all.

  • A good morning to all - forgive me for not stopping but I have to post this somewhere

    Am I the only one who wants to knock Somerled's head in? (metaphorically speaking)

    ANNETTE    ''Tiger: What a nice treat for June's group!''   It was actually SUNSHINE who started it !!

  • Cirrus : You are not the only one!!!!

  • Good Morning, and Thanks to Diane for starting us off again on a new week.

    I have read what has been said on the main blog and also on the Gabfest, but I try to stay out of any arguments, these days.

    Annette:    The poor Man had done the right measurements, I'm sure - he looked as cross as we were, as they had even affixed a label with the right measure on the pane.  We sympathised with him, as he now has to make another journey to collect the new one and then back to us to put it in again. Ho Hum.    The puppets are   e n o r m o u s, and are made of wood and metal, mostly.  They have been walking around the City for two days and there have been huge crowds wanting to witness their progress.  Hope you enjoy your new rose.

    AQ:   Slowly, slowly, catchee monkee, my Grandma used to say!   It is only a short time for you, yet and then you can look forward to being more mobile in the future.  Just sorry to hear that its been so painful.  I thought that painkillers were very efficient these days until I had the shingles, and nothing could touch it, the pain was there all the time although thank goodness if I took the very strong ones it dulled it down a bit.  You mentioned my bruises the other day - they are nearly gone, but I bet yours were a lot worse!!!

    Have been delayed coming on here by watching the start of the London Marathon - good weather there, this year, as no rain yet and not too hot either.  Maybe we are in for a new fast time record or two.  I do so admire all the 'ordinary' runners who do it for charities, they are an inspiration.

    Thinking of AQ, Alicat, OG, patricia and NiteOwl today, and anyone else who is poorly.  Hope that watching our wonderful Ospreys takes your mind off things.

  • Had a good sleep and slept late this morning.  Result: wrist is as stiff as ever, with swollen fingers – but a bit less painful – lots of finger wiggling required.  And no, Annette, I can’t do that on the keyboard, as I can’t turn the wrist to that position, so still typing one-handed.  So will begin a slow wizz through replies!

    Patricia – just read about your tooth – that must be very painful – I hope the infection clears up soon and that dentist can deal with it straight away then – before risk of any further infection.  Well done Fly (and you), for her placing in the Winter League final heats.  Dog Agility demo today on the croquet lawn – tut-tut – I assume they no longer use it for croquet – that’s sad.

    Brenda – I’m so glad you got even better discount at the garden centre, especially having done your price comparison homework.  Thanks for the pictures from your niece at the Liverpool Titanic commemoration!  Must have been amazing to be there.

    AQ – thanks for the bumper sticker smiles!  I hope you can soon leave off the painkillers.  I know it’s difficult to get a balance between activity and rest, especially when resting makes everything seize up – but you are getting there!

    Annette – with those body lotion samples, your OH must be wondering what concoction is going to emerge from the bathroom each morning!  Sounds like a nice day at plant centres yesterday.  I hope you and OH have a wonderful celebration today – congratulations!

    Alan – pleased you got a dry walk with Hamish yesterday – not much worse than wet dog!  I hope you get some more dry spells and sunshine today.  It is quite pleasant here right now.

    Linda – so sorry about the window fiasco – that kind of disturbance in the kitchen is not much fun anyway, but to take the window out before checking new one and then decide replacement is wrong is basic incompetence! 

    Alicat – pleased you got the second opinion on your shoulder.  No wonder the exercises were painful – but it was very wrong of GP to prescribe two anti-inflammatories – could have caused you all sorts of problems!  I hope the new medication regime will soon kick in and give you gradual relief – but do be careful what you do with the shoulder while it heals, especially when taking Bobbie for walks.

    Dibnlib – so pleased you enjoyed a lovely day at LG.  Its great when the Capercaillies are visible from the centre like that – I am sure they show up more during the day than they used to.  And the Squirrels are always good for entertainment value.  A cake called Hummingbird?  Never heard of that!

    Diane – I loved the Brown Bear Cub picture – and remembered they are for strength – just what I need!

    jsb – interesting report on the satellite – maybe they will be able to revive its functionality.  Has your young relative returned home now?  I hope you were successful in the language department, and that he appreciated all your efforts for him.

    Well, this one-handed typing is very slow, and I have interrupted myself for breakfast, medication and to proofread something J has been writing – while poor OH does all the necessary HW!  Will be back later as I know I shall be bored!

  • ALAN will you please stop the rain dancing or send me the plans for your Ark?!!

  • OG:   so glad to hear that you have had a good sleep - always an important part of healing, I think, whatever part of you is ailing.  And well done to write so much with just one hand!  Hope you have a good day, today.

  • Cirrus
    ANNETTE    ''Tiger: What a nice treat for June's group!''   It was actually SUNSHINE who started it !!

    Not sure what have you that idea.  First ever gabfest thread.

    In any case I would have thought that a mention of the Loch Garten Group by the Director of RSPB Scotland would be a cause of celebration.

  • Trish 2

    ALAN will you please stop the rain dancing or send me the plans for your Ark?!!

    LOL  Trish - do you still have the wet stuff? it rained nearly all night here, and everything is very sodden.  Now its just grey skies.... but I expect we will get some more, soon.

  • TIGER:   We are very honoured to have the Director of RSPB Scotland on our threads - way hay!

    ANNETTE:  Forgot to say, do have a lovely meal out for your Anniversary.

  • LINDYBIRD it's been like it for days now.  Brief dry spells interrupt the torrential down pours that sometimes just go on and on.

  • Lindybird
    TIGER:   We are very honoured to have the Director of RSPB Scotland on our threads - way hay!

    Not quite on our threads yet. Showing he is aware of  our thread yes!

    Maybe we can get him to come over and make a post :)

    To be honest when I first got the message (from a lurker, would you believe) I thought  it was bad news. It took me about 30 minutes to unravel.

    Having C2H5OH taken perhaps did not help! :)