Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 29 April 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 29 April 2012


    News for This Week

    Black Jaguar completes his astounding cycling tour from the Loch Garten Centre to Rutland Water. Welcome back, BJag, and congratulations on your heroic effort on behalf of the ospreys of Loch Garten!!! Donate here.

    Happy May Day on 1 May!

    Happy Beltaine/Bealtaine (Ireland) and Happy Bealltainn (Scotland) on
    30 April/1 May!

    Happy Full Moon on 5 May!


  • Good Morning, Hi Diane... I waited to post this at the start of a new week so it would help to carry it on for a while, and those who may not have seen it on BJags Sponsor Page.

    There are some photo's too on BJags page.

    Thanks for watching :)

  • NiteOwl: Wonderful!!!

  • NiteOwl: Just wonderful!!  Thank you SO MUCH!  What a thrill.  :-))

  • Oh - and thanks Diane for starting the week off.  :-)

  • Joan, I hope you have a great birthday!

    Saw-Whet Owl

  • For some reason, I'm really tired. I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow. Everyone have a great Sunday!

  • Morning all.

    OMG we have a terrible storm here in S Wales that has come up from Spain!! Gales at about 60-70mph, maybe more, and heavy rain. Things in the garden have been thrown around and my garden arch is near to collapsing!! Car alarms are going off too!! :-(

  • Happy Birthday Joan. Loved your owl (last week).

    Oh Sandra. Hope you are OK.

    Our day started off warm & sunny. I sat in sun this morn for 20 mins and got quite hot!. Then had a walk around the back garden - my winter gladioli are flowering. Now (4 pm-ish) it is overcast and cooling. I've started on Dau1's jigsaw gift - half an hour to find the 4 corners. I'm sure there are more than 2,000 pieces in box. LOL. Alas OH has not been feeding my backyard birds. They must wonder what's happened as I always fed them when I was preparing evening meal. Must go & do it now.

  • Hello All

    I am going start working today on the SUMMARY of Black Jaguar's (Brians) Charity Cycle from LG to Rutland Water, to include Routes/Maps/His Updates/Photographs/Videos only, so it would be nice if we could keep it as a summary and that no one posts in it, I hope this is OK with everyone.  It will be a nice reminder of the great event without having to trawl through the many posts that we have all made in his Cycle thread.

    Thanks - Mary x

  • Link to the summary of BJags Charity Cycle so far.

  • Morning all,


    Sandra : It sounds really bad down your way. It has been raining here for 24

    hours apart from a short spell late yesterday afternoon.

    OG : Sounds like you had a really good day yesterday weather wise. There is no way I could do any outside painting this month as it has rained every day.

    Dibnlib : Of course it was the Caledonian canal. The Crinan canal is nowhere near you. Must have been a senior moment.

    Day 25 of the hosepipe ban.

    We have had 24 hours of rain and especially last night it was heavy and windy too. So much so that it has ripped the felt on part of the shed that Hamish lives in. I had to squelch across the garden and do a temporary fix this morning in the pouring rain. IT is still heavy rain at the moment with the temp at only 6c.

    The first thing I did when switching on the laptop was to check the nest at Rutland Water. I was so relieved to see it was still intact and Mrs 5R incubating. 

    There are 7 flood warnings and 76 flood alerts many in drought areas. We must be the laughing stock of Europe. How do Greece and Turkey manage without declaring droughts. The whole thing is a joke.

  • We never seem to be prepared for anything

  • Good morning all and happy birthday Joan.

    AQ: Saw your post about Black Caviar winning her 20th race. I've managed to see a number of her victories (can't really call them races as she's won them all so convincingly) and she looks to be something special. So pleased that she'll be carrying on the tradition of Aussie horses taking on the best of Europe at Royal Ascot.

    Alan: We broke the April rainfall record here last Thursday and it's rained almost constantly since. I have to go out later but I may have to cut short my visit as I'm starting to get concerned about the local river levels. We are extremely prone to flooding here and I'm crossing my fingers that the flood defences hold up.    

  • Sandy : I am not surprised about the river levels. We are fortunate that we are not near any rivers. I hope everything stays ok for you.