Daily Update (LG Nest) Saturday 12th May, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update (LG Nest) Saturday 12th May, 2012

  • Another day closer to hatching. Only four sunrises until we might expect to see a little osplet.

    There was good news from Wales this morning that a little osprey has hatched at Glaslyn. Within 100 days one could expect it to be flying down to Africa.

    The osprey season goes so fast.

    Let us hope that the fowl (sic) weather has not had a bad affect on the eggs. Or pair have shown huge devotion to the eggs.


  • Hi Tiger thanks for starting the new thread.  Not usually around at this time of night but had to get up and sort my cat out.  She suffers from hairballs, so cleaned up after her and couldn't resist having a peep at EJ while I was up.  Lovely quitet night at LG but probably quite chilly and EJ fast asleep at the moment.  Back to bed now so goodnight.

  • LOL Margo, don't they all? Am having a quiet, non-hairball spell at the moment, contents of all cats' stomachs staying put :)

    Having a wide awake spell too, hence still being up at this hour. I will no doubt crash any minute.

    Yes, not long now Tiger, the 15th is fast approaching.

  • Somewhere around 4am+ (I was in the kitchen) the cam went down.  I rebooted my router because the mms stream from the Cornish barn owls also went down, but whilst other internet is OK those 2 cams are still down :-(

  • Hey Scylla: I just logged on and yes indeed - no cam!  Back to cleaning out computer files....

  • Hi Scylla, I also have no pic from LG

  • Morning all. Thank you Tiger for starting us off.

    Only 1 still cam in play? Oh no!!! The weather is at least dry, and EJ is waiting for Odin.

  • Still waiting.

  • Live cam still off; I'm signing off too. 'Night all.

  • EJ looking around.

  • Oh sausage! No live cam.....at least it looks dry and as if it has been dry all night, as we hoped

    Morning MOFFER & SCYLLA

  • Morning Patily. What a shame that the live cam is down again :o((

  • No change

  • Morning PATILY, MOFFER :-)  I expect we'll have to wait for the day shift at Carnyx :-?

  • Shaft of sunlight on EJ - let's hope we don't miss an early morning fish.

    I'd be surprised if Odin is not taking advantage of these conditions.

    Morning all