Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 13 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 13 May 2012


  • Diane: Thanks for starting us off - you beat me to it (I actually started this hours ago.)

    OH and I went to a concert by the local symphony tonight. Going to breakfast with daughter tomorrow for Mother's Day. So looks like catching up will have to wait for another day - again!

    Have a good Sunday all. And Happy Mother's Day to everyone in the U.S.!!

  • Happy Mother's Day to all Mums.

    Dau1 phoned (we only saw her t'other day) and Dau2 + entourage visited. LittleMiss demonstrated her crawling, standing up against chairs and her 2 wee fangs. Could not get a pic of the fangs as she kept laughing and poking her tongue out.

  • LittleMiss with her new beanie (just another toy!) I finished this week.

  • Just for any who read my rant last night especially Brenda and OG:-

    My neighbour was admitted to a ward at sometime during the night, from A and E. I lay awake for hours feeling 'bad' at abandoning her but no phone call came and as you can imagine, I feel vindicated. I am off up there shortly to take her specs and one or two other bits and pieces. Goodness knows how long it will be before they talk of discharging her, not long I am sure. Thanks for 'listening' last night.

  • HeatherB

    Just for any who read my rant last night especially Brenda and OG:-

    My neighbour was admitted to a ward at sometime during the night, from A and E. I lay awake for hours feeling 'bad' at abandoning her but no phone call came and as you can imagine, I feel vindicated. I am off up there shortly to take her specs and one or two other bits and pieces. Goodness knows how long it will be before they talk of discharging her, not long I am sure. Thanks for 'listening' last night.

    HEATHER, What a good and caring neighbour you are. OH and I were talking about this sort of thing the other day and it seems that ifyou fall ill outside of Mon - Fri 0900 - 1700 your chances of getting help are slim. Must go now as off to church, see you later

  • Good morning Sunday, and thanks to Diane for starting the new week.  Nasty wind here this morning – cold hands when I fed and watered birds and opened coldframe etc – normally OH’s jobs, but he came home with a cold so I decided to do them for him.  Not going to church because his cold is anti-social – and I am rather bruised and tired from him thrashing about in the night!

    Lynette – sorry you got so worried about not being able to get my message – with his cold as it is, I am glad he didn’t visit you (I just hope he didn’t leave any bugs with Auntie).  But it was very kind of you to make the offer – much appreciated.

    Annette  - I hope the concert was good.  Happy Mothers’ Day – enjoy breakfast with your Daughter!

    AQ – when you described Dau#2 arriving with her “entourage”, I imagined them trouping in, in a column with Jasper bringing up the rear with his tail held high!  LittleMiss looks a treasure, so cute with the big smile filled with her tongue!

    Heather – thanks for the update.  It seems they hoped to send neighbour home with you so you would do their job.  I hope they will do a proper assessment, and then not send her home till you are safely away in Denmark, then they might realise that she needs a care package in place. And it sounds cruel, but she also needs to realise that she shouldn’t be relying on a neighbour for the amount of care and attention she needs.  I hope you can get a bit of a rest today, after the worry of the night keeping you awake.

    Well, must go “peel” some hardboiled eggs, and get on with stuff.

  • HEATHER what a disgusting story.  Amazing that the GP didn't do anything better with her meds when he saw her and to be treated like that in A&E is appalling.

    I hope they keep her there now until she's properly stabilised.

  • Good Morning ALL, Temperature went down to 2.8c last night, so it was rather cold when we went to church, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue with fluffy white clouds. :-)))

    Happy Mother's Day to those in the US

    Annette, Enjoy your Mother's day Breakfast with your daughter.

    Heather, I was so happy to see that your neighbour was admitted to hospital last night. Maybe now they will see how bad her breathing really is. I was surprised that they didn't at least, have her on oxygen and a heart monitor immediately last night. If you mentioned that you were a nurse, I also think that they thought you were capable of caring for her and therefore take the problem out of their hands. Make it clear that you are a neighbour, not family, and have a family to care for yourself and are going away. Your conscience is clear and you are doing what is right for this dear lady.

    AQ, Little Miss is a delight. She has obviously reached that stage, when all ornaments have to be removed and furniture rearranged.

    EagleEye, I hope you soon feel better.

    OG, Good to see that you feel well enough to start the day by feeding the birds etc. when feeling so cold. We were able to cut the grass yesterday on a high cut only as it is still so wet. We were also able to clear the patio, drive and flower beds of debris left behind by Wed/ Thursday's gales and heavy rain. It now looks as if somebody lives here !


  • OG   sorry to hear the cold bug is running through the family.

    HEATHER  OH tells me there are only 2 emergency ambulances for our area. When I broke my leg in the woods I was so lucky, Was told it may be a while as I wasn't an emergency but in fact was picked up very quickly and taken off to A & E where I had only praise for the treatment  So sorry your neighbour didn' have the same experience.  t

  • If any of you haven't noticed yet, the LG camera is back on. The wind is horrific.

  • Small update -  then I promise that I will not say much more about old lady and hospital!

    I went up to the ward at 11 am today. She told me that she had not yet been physically examined by a doc. This after admission to A and E early evening yesterday. I am inclined to believe her as she is very switched on, mentally. I had only been there five minutes when the 'team' came in. The registrar told S that her meds would be changed, diuretics increased in a bid to reduce the abdo swelling and breathlessness. I wasn't present of course but S tells me that other things were mentioned in terms of treatment/investigations.  Thank goodness! Brenda - I have never told the staff that I was a nurse but S is fond of saying to folk that she has her own personal nurse (ha ha) even tho' I have asked her not to do so for all the reasons you and OG describe----  I have never and will never start giving ' personal/nursing care' to S.  I just pop in and out and get her shopping and do the odd bit of washing. Just a neighbourly thing. I have again asked S to make this clear to the hospital/social services.  Dibnlib - Two emerg ambulances for a town this size is cutting it fine, isn't it?

    BTW - There were several shinty players with head bandages in the busy waiting room at A and E last evening!!

  • Heather, Please do keep us updated on your neighbour. I truly would like to know how she is and what has happened to her.

  • Hello,    and thanks to Diane for starting us off on a new week.

    Happy Mothers Day to all in US and Australia, and anywhere else where its being celebrated  - Mothers are special people!  (& also can be quite crazy, as my sons will tell you!)

    Poor EJ is certainly in the wind today & its quite a cold wind here, in spite of our having a sunny day with scudding clouds above us.  We have been to a plant sale, where I bought some bedding plants to go in my hanging baskets later - this included some bargain trays of geraniums which the man told me were of 'mixed colours'  when I asked for pink ones!   "Well, you can have fun seeing what they turn out to be!" he said  - I cheerfully told him I would put them on one side until they had flower buds so that I could keep to my intended colour scheme!  Then we spent some time weeding in the back garden as all this rain has suited the weeds so that some of them are the tallest I've ever seen.

    AQ:   Lovely picture of your "RugRat" as we used to call them when they crawled. She seems to be of a cheerful disposition.   EDIT:  and what a delightful pastel striped jumper she has on - is that your handiwork too?

    Heather:  Have been reading your horror story with increasing unease.  I always think that the staff at the NHS are excellent, but the organising of the whole thing seems to have gone to the dogs.  We were talking the other day about not being taken ill on weekends, and I know from experience that its quite frightening being in pain "after hours" and having to rely on some unknown person on the phone to decide how urgent is your need for help. Your story shows how the whole system is now not 'joined up' in terms of the care one receives.

  • Explanation of the Firemen at my door:    In this area, at least, they employ the Firemen when they are not out on call to go around the district giving out advice and free (!) fire alarms to all those either disabled or over 65 years old.  We showed them our existing fire alarm and they said it was now 'out of date'  even though its only about 3 years old.   "They are much more sophisticated now" they said.  They replaced it with one of theirs which he said was worth about £20 and offered us another to put upstairs.  They recommended that we shut all our doors throughout the house at night, but we just nodded and didn't tell them that we leave all of them open for the dog to wander at will.  ;-)

    Here are more holiday pics:  the gorse was out in full everywhere and was so enjoyable and colourful, also we saw a lot of bluebells, most of which I think were the UK kind rather than the invaders which are taking over in lots of places.

    OH taking Buzz for his afternoon walk

    Some of the local and famous Black cattle (we had a delicious takeaway hot Welsh Black Beef Sandwich - sorry to you vegetarians, but it was delicious!)