Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 20 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 20 May 2012


    News for This Week

    Will we have a third newly hatched osprey on the LG nest?

    Sunday night is the New Moon (the dark moon) and an Annular Partial Solar Eclipse for those who can see it. Space.com full coverage, including maps and info.

    Everyone have a great week!


  • Happy New Week to you too Diane, Annette, AQ and those who tend to come on during our night-time.

    Will post some holiday pics later on - birds and the cottage we were in , right by a river with loads of birdlife.

  • HI all: Madly busy day in the garden; got a lot of things done that have been on the To Do list for months; then nice dinner, then chat with OH. Now watching Doc Martin.

  • Catching up now.

    Brenda: We'll be celebrating three birthdays when family is here and probably not on the exact date for any of them, somewhat typical with our lot.

    Lynette: Welcome home. Sounds like you saw a lot; hope the weather was good.

    Diane: Thanks so much for starting us off - I seem to be out doing stuff all the time these days and not getting online until quite late. Thanks for the Roy Dennis update on Blue and Green et al!

    patriciat: Part of the reason I'm in the garden is that it's already warm and I swear some of the plants grow a foot the minute my back is turned.

    OG: Glad you enjoyed the not-quite-jazz concert. I've postponed some social stuff over this weekend to get things done around the house - but I am going on a tour of local historic sites tomorrow afternoon and will be back in time to watch the eclipse.

    OK, must tie up some loose ends and head to bed.  Take care everyone.

  • Morning all,

    Diane : thanks for starting us off this week and for the latest lunar news.

    Lynette : Glad you enjoyed your holiday and managed to get to Dyfi.

    Everyone else thanks for the chat, doubt if I will have time to read back as there is so much going on with sightings and nest news at the moment.

    Returned home after a good holiday in Wales. Weather was reasonable with most of the rain falling at night and 3 or 4 sunny days. The only problem was the cold, even on sunny days the temperature struggled to get into the low teens. On one or 2 mornings there was snow on the mountain tops especially around Snowdon. We visted Glaslyn a couple of times, once on the monday, a few hours after the 3rd chick hatched and again on the wednesday. Everything going really well there with all 3 chicks hatching within 4 days and looking good on the big screen, saw the male and the female and part of a feeding session. Other places of note we visited were Bodnant gardens and Penrhyn castle. Also went to RSPB Conwy where there were thousands of swifts feeding low over the lagoon, never seen so many. Here is the first pic. I have seen many jays in the past but this is the first at the cottage and the first I have managed to get a pic of:

  • ALAN glad you got some sun even if not much warmth.  Brilliant pic of the Jay.  Did Hamish go with you?

  •  Morning all.

    Here are the little chicks at Charing Cross :-)

  • PATRICIA just sent you a PM

  • Good morning all; am about halfway through the catch up, have to say am starting to feel sorry for the 'intruder' :(

  • Trish : Hamish was with us and enjoyed his holiday too. Back to the vets on tuesday for another blood test re thyroid.

    Another first at the cottage although I did see them at Dyfi last year. A Redpoll:


  • Look at this little darling at Nottingham, it is growing so fast.

  • On this web page, you can view tonight's "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse from different sites around the world. Webcast times vary according to location. One is on top of Japan's Mt. Fuji.

    Everyone have a good night!

  • Phew – HOT!  Both been very busy in the garden to leave things right for going away – getting there slowly!  I also did ironing.  Quick trip to G Centre (but with lunch) tomorrow for more compost – my last “outing” until another concert next Friday – so will be able to wash my clothes ready to pack!

    Diane – thanks for starting our new week.

    Annette – I hope you enjoy your historic sites tour this afternoon.

    Alan – welcome back!  Glad to see you enjoyed the holiday despite being so cold.  That photo of the Jay is very good - and lovely to see a Red Poll.  Pleased Hamish enjoyed the holiday too, and I hope Lady P was not in too much pain.

    Sandra – I see Chubby in Nottingham is getting real feathers now!

    Must stop – nearly the time Daughter suggested we might get to talk and arrange to see her next Sunday – been leaving messages for each other all day!!

  • Another pic from the cottage. A Nuthatch:

  • Alan You picture of the nuthatch is wonderful.  The  background is so artistic.