DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Wednesday 23 May 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) Wednesday 23 May 2012

  • No-one around, chick #3 has hatched and we are happy.


    It's just dawned on me that the few degrees increase in temperature yesterday tipped me over the edge - my temp control is haywire at the best of times, the heat makes me fainty and nauseated.  Unlike most of you, I need a chilly summer.

    I fell foul of the 2359 shut-down so have no video after midnight, but I'll look at the late evening in case anything interesting occurred.

    My friend is bringing over my birthday present tonight (nearly 2 months late), am excited and nervous cos it's hifi to be set up :o

  • I hear a capercaillie!  And chicks clucking.

  • Hiya Scylla :-)

    Tons of thanks for starting the new thread.  I can hear a nice jamming session between one of the chicks and a Capercaille.  Wonder if they might start a band ;-)

    Been having a bloody nightmare with my broadband tonight/ this morning.  Really hate moaning but they should realise it's Osprey season.  Plus I've got BTO Garden Birdwatch results to log weekly.

    Oh the Dawn Chourus has started and so has a wee bobblehead.  Forgive me for breaking intae ma native tongue but Ah pure love nature so Ah dae :-)


  • EJ's looking over ther horizon,and sometimes snuggling the chicks.

  • Hope EJ has to go and fire a laser soon.  I can't wait to see Bravery.

  • More chattering from the chicks.  They're certainly noisey wee things this year.  Still on a high about third hatching.

  • Getting a lot lighter at LG now.

  • I've dismantled my existing sound setup and can't get no sound off the telly now.

    Goodness me, they're going at it hammer and tongs on and around the nest :-D

  • Aww.  Shame you can't get sound off your telly, Scylla.  Really hope it fixes soon :-)  There a lovely amount of noise at LG just now.

  • Sorry I have to fly off but I should be getting some sleep.  The chicks are calling again :-)  I'm away to roost for a wee while.

    Happy watching everybody :-)


  • Morning all. Thanks for starting us off Scylla :o) and for the posts together with Heron.

    04.12 Day cam on.

  • 04.14 EJ takes a comfort flight. The chicks are home alone, they are sleepy, but you can see #3 :o))


  • 04.14 EJ takes a break. Chick #3 is at the front of the pic near shell. It's so small compared to the others.

  • All quiet on the nest for now. EJ looks for Odin.

  • 04.45 EJ starts to call softly