Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday 27th May, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday 27th May, 2012

  • Another day begins in the Loch Garten story and the great development is we have the live picture back and the quality is excellent.  Here's to a fine fish filled day for EJ, Odin, Courage, Wisdom, and Bravery.

  • Thanks :-) Another day, and definitely more auspicious this time!

    EJ is mostly settled, and it getting some rest. Haven't seen the chicks peeping out for some time.

  • Occasional vibrations on the microphone. I wonder if it's Odin? Wide camera is on the nest still

  • I think one of the chicks was starting to stir a wee bit there.  Definately not as active as the other night but the temperatures are a little cooler.  Of course in terms of chick hyperactivity.  The night is young ;-)

  • EJ's beautiful feathers

    One chick peeped out there for a moment, but thought better of it and crawled back under mum!

  • I think one just poo'ed !

  • EJ is preening a fair bit, and it looking quite 'fluffed out' now

    She wriggles to adjust herself on the chicks. A quiet night so far

  • EJ looks like she's having a snooze.

  • The she gets up to have a quick preen.

  • Are you watching on Carnyx? I notice your captures are in widescreen format (although of course the video is 4:3, so the sides are black)

  • I'm watching on Carnyx.  I think the 4:3 format means the chicks are more visible.

  • Sounds like one of the chicks is active.

  • Must be really dramatic time for the chicks just now.  To be one size one day and then noticably bigger the next day must be pretty amazing.

  • EJ give the chicks a slight shuffle.

  • Very awake.