DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Monday 4th June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Monday 4th June, 2012

  • Things looking peaceful on the nest.  EJ and the chicks resting.

    I'm off to do a summary now.  Back soon.

  • Just completed a summary for 3rd of June.

  • EJ's awake at the moment.  The youngsters are resting.

  • A spot of wriggling from one of the youngsters.

  • EJ having a preen at the moment.  Then she gets back to looking quite watchful, and flies off with a brief call

  • She calls from out of shot.

  • EJ returns to the nest.

    In her time off, one of the chicks fired a laser.  Thankfully the camera lens wasn't targeted.  Now it appears that EJ has a piece of fish in her talons.  She's enjoying a night time snack.

  • Now she's feeding one of the chicks!

  • I've seen EJ eat at night before but I honestly can't ever remember her feeding youngsters in the wee small hours.  For me this is quite amazing :-)

  • EJ now settled on her young.  It has started to rain.

  • Heron - Thank you for another entertaining Summary. Love your reason for the 11.42 incident.

  • One of the youngsters calls.

  • Hi AQ :-)  Well I had to think of some sort of reason for the 11.42 incident ;-)

  • Well they all seem quite settled now.  I'm still pretty amazed at the night time feeding.  The rain has stopped.