DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Friday 29th June, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Friday 29th June, 2012

  • A new day and still no ringing has happened. Meanwhile our two chicks have been contemplating the wide world, and wondering if their lives will always be on this nest when they see their parents flying off and returning with fish. On the other hand, things seem mighty uncertain out there. Being a maturing osprey is much more complicated than being a newly hatched chick, it seems... and there are all these feathers to take care of...

    [VIDEO: #2 suddenly has an existential crisis and asks #1 the meaning of life in a midnight confession.]

  • Well, it turns out that all she wanted was permission to tuck her head underneath #1. :-/   That's what happens when you anthropomorphise in a uber-romantic way.

  • Checking in to see these two are dead to the world, sound asleep. :)

  • Thank you for manning the fort all alone, CC :-*  I have been offline since about 8.30pm, an e-pal was working on my network remotely for 4 hours - still not fixed, but he has managed to cobble together enough access for me to do my videos... I think!  Still struggling.

    As for anthropomorphising in an uber-romantic way - I'm in your club :-)

  • Hi scylla. I don't envy you your techno-troubles. However, it's been a very quiet night with the kids. They have been remarkably motionless except for breathing. Probably glad to have a rainless night of sleep. :-/

    I can do videos, but they are not quite as convenient to watch as the YouTube embeds. So let me know, if moffer isn't around to tag team, okay? Of course, I am not always around either. Today was rather a fluke.

  • How does someone work on your network remotely??? Do they have remote software to see and manipulate your computer?

  • Yes, I run a program that gives a password for me to give to someone else, then they can access my PC - I had to install on each laptop.  When the program is closed the access is closed off.

    I just rebooted and one of the chicks is up 'n preening.

  • Just going to get some toast :-)

  • I'm about to go to bed here - gotta get up early tmw morning. Or SHOULD. To go work out. I just rebooted the stream and see them preening. It's getting light, and it's not raining. :)

    See you later. :-*

  • Cheerio for now, CC :-)  I've been re-embroiled with an IP conflict :-/

    Daycam is on, a chick just had a squit and settled down again.  It doesn't appear to be raining but looks damp.

  • You'd think that this shot was taken within seconds of the previous, but it's half an hour later and it's ogling the cam again, following a preen and some chuntering:

  • Morning scylla!

    Can't stay long as have been up all night ferreting around t'Interweb for various things, and now need some sleep! I've missed another day or so again for various reasons, but it looks like the chicks are progressing well. A bit surprised there's been no ringing as yet.

    Anyway, not much change since you posted that last picture, so I think I'll head off and leave you to it ;-)

  • Well, maybe one: chick #1 stretching out a wing over its sibling

  • Those tail feathers are really coming through now :-)

  • oh and I see red moss has been brought in, very useful at this stage of the season, not LOL