Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 1 July 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey Topics), 1 July 2012


    Please check back to the end of last week's thread. OG and I both posted catch-up replies to everyone.

    News for This Week

    Time will stand still for one second on Saturday evening (30 June)! A leap second will be added to let a slowing Earth catch up with our super-accurate clocks. The leap second will cause a 61-second minute to occur.

    The Full Moon is Tuesday (3 July), and that's also the first day of the "Dog Days of Summer" in the Northern Hemisphere.

     Everyone have a good week!

  • Evening all:  Will catch up with everyone and last week's last-minute posts tomorrow; just sat down and need to goof off for a bit before I crash. Going to meet daughter for breakfast, then we're going to Skype g'daughter and Ms. Delilah.

    Diane: Thanks So Much for starting us off.  Ghastly storms back East. What IS going on!

  • ANNETTE so sorry about Delilah's leg.  I hope she's soon on the mend with no lasting effects.

    ALAN great news about Lady P.  That will be a huge weight off your shoulders.

    OH gone to an air show today so it's me and Mia for the day.  Will go for a long walk soon.  Sadly I can't go where I would probably have gone as the snake is still on the loose!

    After that there is much HW needs my attention :-(((

  • Hello Trish2 - HW????!!!!!!

  • Hello WendyBartter.  As you're fairly new I'm not sure if you don't know what our abbreviation of HW is or if you know only too well and avoid it like many of us do!  Just in case it's housework and mine I'm sorry to say is very overdue.  Anyway I've cut the grass front and back while it's not pouring down and now it's walk time so another slight delay won't have to matter!

  • Yes Trish  was being deliberately obtuse lol!!  Am going for a walk too - in my car to Jessops to look for camera with better zoom for pics of birds - more especially my resident Kestrel which will be gone soon - camera is birthday present from Man (aka OH)!


  • WendyBartter lol.  It gets worse as I have to iron later!

    Hope you found the camera you want and look forward to the pics.  OH was clearing memory cards last night ready for the air show today so I hope he may have downloaded some Osp pics worth posting.  We get a Sparrowhawk in our garden though she's away at the moment presumably breeding elsewhere.  We love to see her but I don't like the fact that when she's around I don't get all my usual small garden birds.  Mind you they are eating us out of house and home at the moment and I need to buy another sack of sunflower hearts tomorrow.

  • Hi Trish2 is it waddington airshow that your OH has gone to were going to go but didn't manage it in the end

  • Annette in SoCal

    Diane: Thanks So Much for starting us off.  Ghastly storms back East. What IS going on!

    Annette: I don't know. That storm was a derecho (like a hurricane over land). It swept across the midwest to the east coast. Power outages for 4 million people early on; widespread damage. Authorities say that it will take up to a week to restore all power. The extreme heat wave continues -- temperatures over 100 F (37.7 C). I've never seen anything like it. I'm fine here. My power and AC is on. I haven't seen a post from June Spradlin, so she might not have power.

    Edit: Just noticed that the cardinal nest on my deck has failed. Poor wee red birds. :-(

  • Afternoon all:

    A couple of pics from Barnwell Country Park today:

  • Alan: Oh, those photos are just lovely! You are such a good photographer!

  • ALICAT yes it's Waddington.  He rang me a while ago to let me hear the Red Arrows over the phone.  How mean is that?!  I love the Red Arrows.

  • Trish 2

    ALICAT yes it's Waddington.  He rang me a while ago to let me hear the Red Arrows over the phone.  How mean is that?!  I love the Red Arrows.

    Hi Trish 2 i agree its mean i also like the Red Arrows

  • Good afternoon all and while OH is out mowing the lawns going to catch up a bit with last week and what is posted for this week so far.  For once we have a dry Sunday which is a bit of a novelty.  Seem to get a dry day every other day at the moment but tomorrow and Tuesday it is going to be chucking it down with rain yet again.  Off to Wimbledon tomorrow and we are so lucky that we have tickets for the Centre Court.  Having a roof on it means we will see tennis but unfortunately it will not be the same for the people who have tickets for Court 1 and the outside courts.  Not to sure at the moment if there will be any play on those courts.  Watched Andy Murray's match to the finish last night and what a match it was.  It would have been just awful if they had not got that last game in.  We should see Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic with a Ladies match in between.  Have to say we are not too keen on Ladies as they make such a racket now with all the grunting and screaming.   Leaving home at 8.30 and probably won't be back until late evening so our dear Billie is going to miss us,

    Brenda great news that you got to Wimbledon after all last week and had a good 2 days with the weather not spoiling things.

    Lindybird lovely pics again of the sunset.

    Sandy what a terribly scary day you had last Thursday.  The weather is just unbelievable, you must have beern releived to to have been flooded.

    patriciat  glad Party in the Park went well and the weather held off for most of the time.  Not a very nice drive back home for you though.  A very historic day.

    Heather  have been thinking of you and and your daughter and children.  Nightmare journey on top of the emotional upset.  Seems strange that he is not going to see the children until Christmas, they must be so confused.  I can understand how upset you must feel by it all.

    Annette poor little Delilah that will inhibit her for a while.  Sorry your toe was not diagnosed correctly, hope it is improving now .  The weather in parts of the USA seems really wild at the moment.

    Alan such good news abolut Lady P's scan being OK but still no diagnosis of what the problem is, this has gone on for such a long time for her.  Lovely pics from Barnwell.

    OG sorry J has been unwell, hope he has not passed it on to you.  I am pleased that you are getting reasonably decent weather, there can't be many of us that can say that of late.

    NiteOwl  what a stunning video of the sunset over St Agnes.  We have seen many sunsets like that sitting on top of the cliffs near Wheel Coates.

    diane see you are having extreme heat again with no let up for the foreseeable future.  What a shame about your red cardinal nest.

    trish 2 hope you enjoyed your walk and I hope they find that snake soon.

    That's it for now, take care all and sorry I have not mentioned everyone.


  • Good afternoon All,

    Alan  I think all your pics of those beautiful creatures are Brilliant! Thank you, I'm pleased to hear Mrs P has had good results from her scan and hope they soon find out what her problem is.

    Heather I have been following your posts and I am sorry that your daughter and grandchildren are experiencing problems, but you have done wonderful things to help them and make life more comfortable for them, the rest will take time and as the saying goes time is a great healer.

    Thank You to everyone who enjoyed the sunset video and asked after my health, it is still early days and still not feeling great, my blood pressure is extremly low and I feel lifeless and dizzy alot of the time so I am off to see my cardiologist soon, every thing else is healing up ok though I still have some discomfort.   My OH is doing another video Part2 of our Cornwall holiday so will post it when it is ready.

    Lindybird I loved your sunset pics too.

    Wendy Barr  Glad you liked our video too, I'm sorry to have to tell you that now you are here your life will never be the same again, Ospreyitis and bird watching and chatting is very time consuming and addictive... no known cure... Lol  :)

    Mary GK Good to see you back from your holiday and back on all the threads.

    For all those over the pond... I hope you are safe from all the terrible weather and keeping well.

    Take Care everyone sorry to those I've missed ... my memory is terrible and I just havn't got the energy just now to take notes. but well wishes to you too.