DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Wednesday 8th August 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (LG Nest) Wednesday 8th August 2012

  • All quiet on the empty night time nest as the sisters rest elsewhere - the time has gone so fast since they used to snuggle up together!

    Alba and EJ were only seen for early morning breakfast yesterday.  Today Cally and Alba will be 84 (just, as she was born at 11:30pm) and 82 days old respectively. Here's a link to T & C's Migration chart.  Rothes went at 79 days but Tore and Bynack stayed for 90 and 89 days so perhaps we still have some days left of Osprey watching.

    Will we see all our family today?

    (Thank you for yesterday's summary, Sheila)

  • Thank you Birdsong for starting the day. Empty nest but someone is calling close by. Someone landing on the under branch (at about 20 secs)

  • Alba is on the nest and Cally is calling close by :o)

  • Morning MOFFER

    Now there's an unusual sight...a screeching juve on the nest LOL

  • Both girls are on the nest now.

  • Caledonia has joined her sister

  • Big whole flapping FISH @ 06.55 from EJ. Cally has it.

  • EJ with whopper and Cally has it.......one angry Alba

  • Once again Alba must be starving She hasn't eaten for close on 24 hours

  • Cally has flown with the fish. Alba only looked at it :o(

  • Caledonia has flown off with her breakfast

  • Oh, I just arrived too late to see fish delivery - and it seems Alba missed out too:-(

    Morning Moffer and Patily - I'll have to be content with Moffer's video (what I would miss without them!)

  • Alba has flown off

  • Fingers crossed Albas arrives soon

  • Morning Patily and Birdsong. Forgot to say Thank you Sheila for the excellent summary.