DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten Nest) Friday 10th August 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten Nest) Friday 10th August 2012

  • Another day to wonder just how long the season will contrinue. Cally reached 86 days old today by that time quite a number of her predecessors had already gone. Both Nethy and Deshar left on 85 days. However they did not have a lot of choice as EJ left Orange VS to look after them. He caught a fish and brought it back to eat before them and said "Cherio have a nice life".  Eventually both Nethy and Deshar did migrate with varyng degrees of success.

    We will see what the morning brings.


  • Cally calling and mantling on nest

    Sound still 'muted' :-(

    Thanks, Tiger for starting us off - more interesting facts for us to ponder and compare with today's family.

    Edit - many thanks again to Moffer for working hard so early this morning and creating a summary for yesterday.

  • Alba's arrived

    Both looking skyward for breakfast!

  • Beautiful light

    Cally's still calling

  • 06:06 FISH!!! from Odin

    I think Cally grabbed fish but I deleted capture by mistake.  Odin only just on RHS - may have flown but briefly reappeared on nest

  • Cally flies off with fish, then Alba leaves

    Just beforehand

    Matching wide view to prove both are there

  • Juv returns

  • 06:18 EJ with FISH!!!  I think Cally wins again

    Edit - Cally has fish  (I'm not sure if Odin delivered fish or stick now at 06:06. It could have been a very small fish which Cally wolfed down quickly.)

  • Morning all.  Is there a problem with the sound today or is it my pc. I've got volume on high but can hardly hear anything

  • Odin returns - with stick much to Alba's disappointment!  Cally just sitting over her fish.

  • Morning Bbabs - definitely problem with sound

  • 06:34 Sisters flew off at same time - alarm?  Needless to say, Cally took fish

  • Juv returns - must be Alba.  Cally will still be eating EJ's large fish!

  • Thanks Birdsong x

  • Alba waits in the brilliant sunshine - surely mum will be back soon?