Gabfest Music Night Sept 21, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Gabfest Music Night Sept 21, 2012

  • If you are interested in posting a video selection will you please sign in now, so we can start a presentation list.  Thank you.

  • June I am here, just been finding more music LOL.....   now if there is only the two of us think of how much more music we can post LOL..... 

  • That's right Mary, we won't even need pencil and pad for a list, will we? I'm eating lunch as I type, or trying to do both.  I've been on the run all day today.

    Usually we get about four songs per person before we are completely done in for the evening.

  • And I'm here cheering you on.  Sorry I  can't join in as was invited to.  Have a great night

  • Hi acticgirl, glad to know you are with us.  Pleease feel free to post a suggestion or more if you wish.

  • Thats right no pencil and pad, we can just please ourselves LOL.....  

    Hello Articgirl and goodbye too, shame you cannot stay LOL...

    By the way June I have enjoyed looking out all of these songs, as I have found others as well and is so nice to listen to songs from way back LOL...

  • Thanks Mary and June.  No, I am staying but just can't contribute as have not prepared LOL

  • Thats just it Mary Theres always more on the sidelines tempting you on and the first thing you know you've gone from opera to country then back to good big band.  

  • Articgirl you dont need to prepare, just think of a song you would like to post, google it, then if you dont know how to post the video that doesnt matter just right click and take the url and post it here and we can pick it up, easy peasy! ofcourse you may know already how to do this, if so please join in.

  • Thanks Mary. Looking forward to it

  • I was looking for a country singer a favourite of mine June, when I picked up the most wonderful rendition of a beautiful song, he was singing as a duo with another girl, so gorgeous, will leave it for the finale LOL....

  • Now I'm in big trouble.  I hada list, but now I caan't find my list.

  • LOL - pity you dont have a webcam June, or we could all help you look for it.    Who need a list anyway LOL.... I bet you have a zillion songs in your head.

  • Hi June, Mary, Articgirl - rushing about all day - here now.  So unprepared.  Hard when there is not a theme but something will spring to mind - I hope LOL

  • Mary, it is 7:30 so you start.