LG Osprey GABFEST for November 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

LG Osprey GABFEST for November 2012


    The 2012 Loch Garten season started with disappointments.  Then we lost the baby in traumatic circumstances. Then in October we lost the second of this year’s chicks, Alba.

    So now in November we look forward to following the adventures of our one surviving tracked LG youngster, Caledonia.  She apparently left home to move to the city, where she has been exploring city life.  Will she become a city girl or will she eventually pack up and move on to Africa?  They say you can take the girl out of country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.   Many hope she will stay in Spain.   We shall see. 

    We will be following other tagged UK osprey as well as other birds and wildlife as interesting nests or stories become available.

    Also during November we hope to have another Music Night and our third StreetWalk.

  • Morning, June.  Very psychedelic start to the month!  I'm looking forward to what November brings as well.

  • maybe the design is too psychedelic,  I changed it twice before I posted it.  May change i again.

  • JUNE ~ Love your opening words and the bright touch of colour to cheer up the start of this month, thank you :)

  • I am posting this on several different threads to keep up the momentum

    How can anyone want to shoot this dear little soul and it's extended family - Campaign for Vaccination!!!!.............

    Courtesy of Autumnwatch live cam

  • Oh Wendy So enchanting....must go and have a look myself

  • Thanks Wendy and will watch the live cams when I am not at work :)

    Hello everyone and June as usual a great opening to November.

    TTFN all and will be back later

  • Hi everyone. June what a lovely bright start to the month with your picture and thankyou for your summary. B&B thankyou for your kind words yesterday, yes no matter how hard we try we do get attached to these birds. Wendy gorgeous picture of the badger. I am behind with Autumn Watch and must find time to catch up with it. Within the next hour, I hope......

  • "Over the river an through the woods to grandmother's house we go,"

    Do you know this old song about  going home for Thanksgiving?

    I had some difficulty selecting a picture to start us off for November, but finaly selected the "Psychedelic" one for it's bright cheerfulness.  Clare, NiteOwl, B&B and Mims like it, so it stays.

    The above picture is typical of November days here, and I suspect of yours as well.  Grey skies, bare trees except for a few lingering brown leaves and an early covering of snow. These to me are "thanks giving days" - - days to be thankful for warm clothing when outside and warm fires to come home to and always Good Spirits inside to warm the soul.

    So I decided "why choose?", I'll just post both pictures.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks June for your lovely opening to the new month.  I wonder what this month will bring – where Cally and the rest we are following will be; what will the theme for the music night be and who will be leading us on the streetwalk and where.  Whatever, wherever - definitely good fun ahead for us all to look forward to.     

    Wendy: lovely picture of the badger – thanks for posting it.  Unfortunately I’ve not been able to view webcams with the connection problems I’ve been having but like many others am watching Autumn Watch.

    Reading back the posts about antlers - I remembered seeing the red deer back on Spring Watch and of a man who collected antlers.  I googled it and sure enough it was shown 13 May 2012.  Matt Baker met Terry Moule, a self confessed “Antlerholic” who from a child walked the Exmoor National Park collecting antlers.  He had over 1600 – they were all over his house, garage – everywhere.   They were lovely but I wouldn’t fancy all them around my house!

    Good news, new router has arrived so will get that set up later and hopefully my connection problems will all be over.  BFN

  • With a colourful start to the month and talk of Birds and Nature so I thought I would post this stunning photograph from the BBC website of a Red Kite, such a beautiful bird too.  

    The other night there was a discussion about logging on and the various ways you can do it, well I have to confess since registering on the site more than 18 months ago I have never logged out, not sure if this is advisable security wise, but one thing for sure I have never had any problems getting into the site LOL...

    I did laugh out loud when I saw B&B's post about NiteOwls Stag, she is the only person with b***s enough on here to start talking about a Stags B***s, it was hilarious. 

    Back later with an update on the latest Gabfest Posting figures.

    By Courest & Copyright BBC Autumn Watch & Steimer/ARCO naturepl.com

    There is some great films about Red Kites on this BBC Link.

    Still no updates from the HWF either. 

  • Just looking at Caledonia's last point in GE on the 29th October, she is never very far away from that river, but look to the left and we see a town and a motorway, can you imagine driving along that motorway and seeing Caledonia flying over.    I just cannot imagine that she has been there all that time and we dont have any confirmation from any Birder/Ornitholigy clubs, I know jsb has put out alerts to see if she has been sighted.    Who fancies a holiday to Seville then lol....

    Going out now, BBL

  • Mary and Karen, I am glad that each of you have picked on on back posts for comment.  I hate to see good topics lost just because a page has been turned, or even a new month started.  I hope your comments will encourage others to comment on remarks that interest them even though the original conversation may be "lost" in back pages.

  • Karen

    Hi everyone,

    .  He had over 1600 – they were all over his house, garage – everywhere. 

      Be careful where you sit....:-0

    Mary stunning picture of the Red Kite - thankyou!

  • June Spradlin

    .  I hope your comments will encourage others to comment on remarks that interest them even though the original conversation may be "lost" in back pages.

    You may live to regret that invitation, June.....I only manage to get online a couple of times a week, if that lol

    Seriously though thankyou -I have often refrained from commenting on a post way back in a conversation, and it's good to know it's OK to back track :-)