Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • Here is a pic of Lewis/Blue44 to start a new month :-)


  • Pic will not open for me :-(

  • Try again

  • I too had problems with pics yesterday Sandra, there must be a slight glitch somewhere.

    Nice capture :)

  • Yes if a picture does not load first time then just load it again.

  • Great pic, Sandra.  He is a handsome boy.

  • Ahhhh, SANDRA. Such a precious handsome boy. Thank you

  • Isn't he just Adorable!!! Something has got his attention on that pic :-)

  • Blog update

  • Thanks ALAN - sounds a good deal warmer than here, I may pack my bags!

  • Thanks Alan for the update.

  • Alan Thanks for the update, I had looked at where Blue44 was upto the 28th, yesterday.  These two birds are enjoying totally different surroundings, I hope Blue44 stays where he is and they both stay safe :)

  • Webcam

    So looking forward to the upgrade, hopefully will all be completed, for the return of our very own 'Lady'

    Thank you Lindsay and all at LOTL.

  • Just rec'd Tweet from Lotl. Blue44 in N Spain! Blog due later.

  • I was so hoping he would stay in France, maybe northern Spain is a nice place to stop.