Weekly Chat, Sunday November 11, 2012

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat, Sunday November 11, 2012

  • Hi Everyone!

  • Was off on a vintage 1950's railroad trip today - courtesy of the local Botanic Garden and an assignment from my former employer who's looking for a very short article to publish in their magazine next spring.  Took the train (the vintage carriage was attached to a regularly scheduled train) up the coast a couple of hours; got off for a bit, then climbed back on and came back. Had a very knowledgeable botanist on board who provided lots of info on local fauna and flora and history of the area.  Our hosts started us off with Mimosa's (Buck's Fizz) to get us going and wine,etc., with lunch, but I didn't partake due to need to appear professional, or at least organized!  Anyway, was good fun and a lovely day for the ride.

    Tomorrow, must go back to cleaning out the garage and sorting out stuff to sell/take to the dump.  Weather has definitely turned cooler - Fall has arrived.

    Hope all are well.

  • Morning, Annette - I'm assuming that means the temperature has dropped below boiling!!

  • Good Morning All.

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

    At the going down of the sun and in the morning

    We will remember them.

     When you go home tell them of us and say -

    For your tomorrow we gave our today.




  • thank you LIMPY and not just on this day but every day. 

  • Good  Morning Everyone, and thanks to Annette for starting us off again on a new week.

    LIMPY - Very appropriate, thanks for posting.

    The sun is bright here  so we're hoping it will shine in Central London, and everywhere else for that matter where people are gathering to bow their heads in Remembrance.

  • Hello everyone.  Back to reality after a very peaceful week in Nethybridge.  We walked miles and saw so few people it was wonderful.  The views were as spectacular as ever.  We only got soaked once!  We've never seen so many Roe Deer and a few reds too.

    We even managed to tire Mia out every day.  Now I'm tiring the washing machine out as is normal after a holiday.  I've had to go out and buy a new clothes airer.  It's no good hanging washing out in our garden at this time of year except on exceptional days and this isn't one.  I was running out of space inside.

    Hope everyone is well.

    LIMPY I look forward to hearing more of your escapades, brave, foolish or otherwise!  Today I'm sure you have other things on your mind though.

  • Welcome back, Trish - sounds lovely, "a peaceful week in Nethybridge... "    Glad you had such a great time, and Mia, too.

    If you go a few pages back on the last "Weekly Chat" thread you may find one of Limpys escapades, which you may  have missed!  Can't tell from your remark whether you saw it.

    Quiet on here again today, but then perhaps everyone is out and about.  Certainly nice to get some sunshine on a Sunday.

  • LINDY, yes in my scan read I picked up on Limpy's lion story!

  • Trish 2

    LINDY, yes in my scan read I picked up on Limpy's lion story!

    That's good!   I'm hoping for some more stories, too!

    We went for a country walk & I took some photos of the autumnal scenes - will post them later if they are any good. After we had returned & had lunch, the heavens opened.

    Now busy preparing some pumpkin for our annual treat of pumpkin pie!

  • ps - A very moving morning shownon TV of the service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph.  The Queen always looks  so tiny and frail amongst all the servicemen, but she was very smart in her hat. (she looked great last night at the British Legion Festival of Remembrance too, a pretty lace jacket over a gold dress - but my OH was laughing because he spied poor Prince Philip nodding off!)

  • Evening, all - my thanks to Annette for starting the thread and I would like to thank everyone for their comments on my Remembrance Day post.  It's not just a day for me to remember my fallen ex-comrades - it also made me a very proud father seeing our daughter in the Remembrance Day parade looking beautiful in her Sea Cadets uniform.  It was also lovely to see other youngsters taking part - it serves to remind people that conflict affects all generations.  One day I hope there will be world peace - not, perhaps, in my time but maybe in Helen's.

    Helen is the one with the cap on - the other girl is Elissa, a friend of hers.

  • Trish 2
    LIMPY I look forward to hearing more of your escapades, brave, foolish or otherwise!  Today I'm sure you have other things on your mind though.

    I'm pleased you had a nice week - I'm sure I can do you a suitable story in the very near future.  I was considering one from my early school days so brace yourself!

  • There is a national day of action for the badgers on Sunday 18th November. On this day groups will be holding peaceful demos outside Sainsbury's stores around the country. We currently have groups in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Wolverhampton and Bristol taking part, but let's go for gold.

  • Afternoon all: Finished for now with the garage; trips to recycling center on the calendar for the coming week.

    Clare: Well below boiling here with temps in the low 60s and sunny.

    Limpy: Very nice verse there; thank you. I do think about all those young men - and not just on Veteran's Day. Such a waste in so many instances.... So nice for you to see your daughter in  the parade - is that her in the center of the photo of the parade too? What comes after the cadets?

    Trish2: Wonder why those times away can't be the real "reality." 

    Alan: Good luck with the badger demos.

    Off to sweep patio then to the gym - still wearing some of that custard I brought home!