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  • Blog Post: Time (and Ospreys) will fly when you're having fun

    After still not having fully recovered from the excitement of watching our Osprey chicks hatch... and then taking their first feed (a critical moment)... followed by watching them through their first few days... topped with then further exhilaration watching over our nestbox camera as the chicks hatched...
  • Blog Post: Exciting times

    Hello. It's great to see you enjoying our new online community . It launched on Friday and though we're working to fix a few minor teething problems, we're delighted that so many Loch Garten osprey followers are exploring the site. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from it...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update (LG Nest) Tuesday, 12th July, 2011

    EJ flew off the nest a couple of minutes before Tore went. Her white ring was clearly visible - when Tore was wingercising I could see her blue ring - and then she was gone. Great video Scylla - thanks for proving to me I was not hallucinating.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Weekly Chat, Sunday March 7

    For info. I posted this yesterday on the LGO Diary page. Starting today there are Google Street views on Google Earth covering almost 100% of the UK's roads, streets and countryside. They are copyright so I cannot show this, but there are panoramic views of Loch Garten, looking across the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update Wednesday 18th May 2011

    Lovely shot of the fish delivery Barbara :-) I was watching the cam yesterday, and intended to make my own diary of events, but I somehow got sidetracked into doing things ;-) However, as a test, here's a couple of shots I took of a changeover (EJ relieving a rather reluctant Odin) at about 2pm...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update Thursday June 2, 2011

    Cirrus Another question for the team. Why is there a highlited Edit Tags and what does it mean at the end of my posts?? We put selected Tags onto posts and threads, so that they can be found in the most popular Tags on the main forum pages. There is a Tags line where you put appropriate Tags for...
  • Forum Thread: A reminder for all Loch Garten followers on the Community

    Good afternoon. As we all look forward to another exciting season of osprey antics at Loch Garten we wanted to get some of the basic house keeping bits out there so we can all enjoy the coming months. Firstly, whilst moderating we have noticed a few disruptive comments. In order for things to run...
  • Forum Thread: Tracking Caledonia & Alba

    This thread has been set up to follow the travels of Caledonia and Alba, the young ospreys raised at Loch Garten in 2012. Their mother is “EJ”, the resident female at Loch Garten since 2003; there is some doubt about the identity of their biological father, given EJ’s dalliance with...
  • Forum Thread: Daily Update (LG nest) Saturday April 7 2012

    Huh. EJ on the nest and I swear Odin flew in (just logged on) and is sitting close by. EJ has head tucked underneath her arm (sorry, wing).
  • Forum Reply: Re: Weekly Chat, Sunday September 13, 2009

    Hello everyone. Can you possibly remember the name of the artist who painted the picture that was available in print form, at LG to new members. Maybe someone reading this has a signed print? I would like to look for a painting as a Christmas present for the family who suffered a bereavement recently...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday May 29

    Pam Why do I get the "edit tags" etc at the bottom of my reply and how do I get rid of it? Hi Pam Edit Tags is there in case you wish to add some Tags to your post so that they appear in the list of Tags on the main Community page. For these posts words like Osprey and Loch Garten would...
  • Forum Thread: Squirrel!

    Not able to sleep.. I got up intent to fix my live feed from the Osprey nest and failed... Frustrated, I swopped to the feeder cam and caught a glimpse of a red squirrel... Lucky for me, I was delivered a most unexpected treat.... Cheered me up no end... Has made my day
  • Forum Thread: Looking forward to a return visit

    Last year I was lucky enough to Visit the Osprey Centre 3 times during the year. I managed to find accommodation at nearby Boat of Garten, found the easy cycle route to the Osprey Centre ! I am very much looking forward to the return of OUR ospreys :), waiting to see them arrive on the web cams...
  • Forum Thread: Spoilt!

    Spoilt or what?? First thing I checked this morning was 'feeder cam'... and 'caught' a red squirrel.... Lucky me.. I see rain is still with you up there in Abernethy..It's not hard to tell with raindrops the size of golf balls obscurring the view. I hope it dries up soon...
  • Forum Thread: Caley over Aldeburgh

    What an irony! My wife and I were at the RSPB Minsmere Reserve on Thursday 24th August and we saw a report of an Osprey flying over the day before - it must have ben Caley surely?
  • Forum Thread: Visiting Loch Garten and Strathspey

    I offered to start this Topic before my own trip to Scotland, so thought I'd better get on with it. The idea - somewhere to bring together people's accounts of their visits, photos, useful information, questions from those planning a trip - a sort of scrapbook really. I still need to write...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update Wednesday 18th May 2011

    Lynette I thought it was Odin, can't somehow get it to quote. Hi Lynette Yes it seems that to quote someone else's text, you have to press reply on their post, then use rich formatting, then quote. it's a bit of a faff but I suppose we will get used to it. :-)
  • Media: Osprey at full stretch with fish just out of water Pandion haliaetus

    Osprey at full stretch with fish just out of water Pandion haliaetus fishing at Rothiemurchus more at; http://www.mikerae.com/life-in-the-landscape/100/ospreys-fishing-in-intimate-detail

    Although they look companionable here, actually EJ is shouting at Odin for arriving fishless, and sends him off fishing again in no uncertain terms! (taken 18.5.2010)
  • Media: Osprey and brown trout

  • Media: Osprey draging trout from the water Pandion haliaetus

    Osprey draging trout from the water Pandion haliaetus Rothiemurchus more at http://www.mikerae.com/life-in-the-landscape/100/ospreys-fishing-in-intimate-detail
  • Media: osprey pulling fish from water

    osprey pulling fish from water
  • Media: Loch Garten

  • Media: Loch Garten 12th May 2012

    As a 'Friend of Abernethy' I visited the reserve (with about 50 others) for a day to see how it is managed. Still a winter wonderland!
  • Forum Thread: Tracking Oighrig, Breagha and Caledonia

    This is a new thread to follow the travels of these three young ospreys from the Loch Garten nest. Oighrig This male juvenile is the elder of the 2013 brood, hatched on 25 th May and fledged on 16 th July. Oighrig’s ring is Blue/white CF5 Breagha Also male, the younger of the 2013 brood...