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  • Blog Post: Then there was one........

    Hello all, just a quick update on the ospreys. This morning I arrived at work to the sound of silence. Over the past few weeks I have been accustomed to being welcomed to the site by a hungry juvenile osprey screeching away from the camera tree but this morning all was quiet. We think this might mean...
  • Blog Post: Time flies when you're having fun!

    Hello everyone, My name’s Rachel. This is my first blog as an osprey information assistant at Loch Garten. It’s incredible to think that we are already over half way through the season. Time flies when you’re having fun! After the early concerns that our youngest chick was struggling...
  • Media: Odin in Flight

  • Blog Post: Oigh, what are you doing?!

    There has been a good amount of osprey action to keep us entertained in the last few days. The juveniles continue to use the nest as a feeding station. Our EJ has been putting in the occasional appearance in the last week or so, bringing in fish to the nest then immediately flying away. But in the last...
  • Media: ON ONE LEG!

    EJ rests quietly, on one leg, next to ODIN who is busy doing what is one of his favourite tasks, brooding the eggs.
  • Media: EJ & ODIN IN THE SUN

  • Media: Odin returning to the nest for inspection

    Odin returns to the nest to tidy up & inspect, after the juveniles have fledged but not yet migrated ( we are not sure of that, yet) 18.8.2010
  • Media: Odin delivers fish & EJ feeding 2 chicks

    Odin brings a fish in the morning, and EJ carefully feeds the 2 chicks, who are already looking larger and stronger even though only a couple of days old. (25.5.2010)

    Although they look companionable here, actually EJ is shouting at Odin for arriving fishless, and sends him off fishing again in no uncertain terms! (taken 18.5.2010)
  • Media: Chick begging Odin for some of his fish.......

    Chick # 2 is begging Odin for a bit of the fish he is eating - just after this, Odin gave the chick a morsel, and continued to feed it, & also fed Chick # 1 nearby a little, too. EJ is on the right of nest, feeding the smallest. taken 3/6/2010
  • Media: THAT'S THREE NOW...

    Odin looks at his three offspring and the empty eggshell,after bringing the first fish of the day when the 3rd chick has just hatched. (26.5.2010)
  • Blog Post: Time (and Ospreys) will fly when you're having fun

    After still not having fully recovered from the excitement of watching our Osprey chicks hatch... and then taking their first feed (a critical moment)... followed by watching them through their first few days... topped with then further exhilaration watching over our nestbox camera as the chicks hatched...
  • Blog Post: The stationary sisters

    No, not pens and pencils, but Rothes and Mallachie, neither making any exciting movements as far as we can tell from today's batch of data. Rothes has been mostly sitting by her favourite fishpond. At the Birdfair, Richard spoke to Naomi, the wife of one of the RSPB's directors, who was just...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update (LG Nest), Wednesday April 13, 2011

    Re the main blog, the only recent post I made was a question , to which answer was there none, at least so far. So if anyone is going to LG in person , could they ask this please? In the LG official events diary for the reserve or nest, at what time did Odin actually return , with his identity confirmed...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update Wednesday 18th May 2011

    Lovely shot of the fish delivery Barbara :-) I was watching the cam yesterday, and intended to make my own diary of events, but I somehow got sidetracked into doing things ;-) However, as a test, here's a couple of shots I took of a changeover (EJ relieving a rather reluctant Odin) at about 2pm...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update Thursday June 2, 2011

    Cirrus Another question for the team. Why is there a highlited Edit Tags and what does it mean at the end of my posts?? We put selected Tags onto posts and threads, so that they can be found in the most popular Tags on the main forum pages. There is a Tags line where you put appropriate Tags for...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday, 19th June 2011

    FISH delivery 10.44
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update Wednesday 18th May 2011

    Lynette I thought it was Odin, can't somehow get it to quote. Hi Lynette Yes it seems that to quote someone else's text, you have to press reply on their post, then use rich formatting, then quote. it's a bit of a faff but I suppose we will get used to it. :-)
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update (LG Nest) Monday, 8th August, 2011

    [VIDEO] (LONG - 5 min.) Handsome Odin on the nest.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Osprey sightings 2011

    Alan: What do you make of this, see Jules's post on this thread? http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/blogs/brilliant/archive/2011/03/25/ej-is-back.aspx
  • Forum Reply: Re: Odin

    I think many of us who have been watching Loch Garten for many years were hoping for a resolution of the soap opera which has been played out each year since 2002 when Ollie failed to return. I can think of at least two big Ollie fans who were devastated when he did not return as he had been male in...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Daily Update (LG Nest) Sunday May 29

    Pam Why do I get the "edit tags" etc at the bottom of my reply and how do I get rid of it? Hi Pam Edit Tags is there in case you wish to add some Tags to your post so that they appear in the list of Tags on the main Community page. For these posts words like Osprey and Loch Garten would...
  • Forum Reply: Re: DAILY UPDATE (Loch Garten nest) - Monday 1st April 2013

    jsb No reason to say this particularly at the moment, but in general, if we go by what happened last year, EJ's behaviour, quiet cheeps and looking around as if searching......told us just over two hours before the event, that Odin was back and in the vicinity. Then as we expected he arrived at...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dotting is and crossing ts

    Remember it was EJ who 'told' us last year, at the time of Odin's return from migration....we who were watching the webcam then knew that Odin was very close, the comments are there on last year's forum to prove it.....so we knew via EJ that he was back, long before we actually saw him...