Loch of Strathbeg

Loch of Strathbeg

Loch of Strathbeg
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Loch of Strathbeg

  • Loch of Strathbeg latest sightings 29th March to 12th April

    It's been a couple of weeks since our last update and there is a fair bit to report.

    Starting with a dawn goose count on 1st April..a very respectable 19,100 pink footed geese were recorded and the feeling is this was a probably an undercount. (several massive lifts causing panic amongst the counters!)   As of today’s date there are still good numbers of pink footed geese roosting on the reserve.   A visiting photographer was in Tower hide at dawn on the 12th and enjoyed a lift of several thousand.   There are still two White-fronted geese here, one of which is a Greenland race. (not so sure on the other). The snow geese were last seen in the area (Rattray) on 5th April.   Four greylag geese were briefly on starnafin pools on  the 9th and a Canada goose was on the low ground on the 10th.   Barnacle geese are still moving through with 14 recorded on the 9th April.

    Moving onto other highlights, starting with Bay Hide.   The top sighting has to be the Great White Egret which first appeared right in front of the hide on the 7th together with a redhead smew.   The Great white egret was on the north/east shore of the loch the following day, but there have been no reports since.  

    Fen Hide has had some fantastic Water rail action, with 5 different birds seen on 29th March.   A single drake scaup has been seen regularly, the most recent report from the 12th and a single pochard was seen on the 7th April. Seven pintail, 12 redshank, a single Red-breasted merganser and a single whooper swan were also seen today.   Bearded tits were heard pinging in the reeds to the left on the 10th.   Great crested grebes are seen most days from both Fen and Bay hides.   Displaying birds were seen on the 10th.   Two Little grebes, presumably a pair, were seen on the 7th.   A short eared owl was flushed near the Loch Hides car park today

    There was another pair of displaying Great crested grebes at the South end of the Loch on 9th April and there are at least 2 pairs of lapwing breeding in the Starnakeppie area (east of the loch)


    In front of the Visitor centre on Starnafin pools, Black-headed gulls are settling into the breeding season on the revamped Starnafin Island (no eggs noted yet though). A pair of Oystercatchers are also showing some interest.   There have been two whooper swans acting very suspiciously in the ditch to the left of the pools. They have now moved onto the low ground and are probably still here because one bird has what appears to be damaged wing. Nine Black-tailed godwits dropped in on 1st April. One was a coloured ringed bird and this individual is a female, ringed as an adult in Iceland in July 2012.   It has spent all winter at Montrose basis, so had just dropped in here on route back to Iceland.   Oystercatcher numbers peaked at 27 on the 1st April. Other sightings include 2 ringed plover on the 1st and 12th, 4 redshank on the 10th, 20 Golden plover on the 12th, 9 grey plover on the 10th and a single ruff on the 6th. There are good numbers of our usual wintering ducks using the pools at present, teal, wigeon, gadwall and a pair of pintail.   Up to two goosanders have also been seen.   The ever present little egret was joined by another on the 6th and both were still here as of the 12th, flitting between Starnafin Pools and the Low Ground.

    Other Sightings from the Tower hide include 122 curlew on the 8th, 2 Ruff on the 11th 2 grey plover on the 11th and 6 ringed plover on the 12th.   A pair of shoveler were seen today and 25 Shelduck on the 5th. Small numbers of pintail are still here too, with 3 pairs seen on Savoch water on the 3rd April. Ospreys are back using the reserve with birds on and over the Low Ground on 6th and 7th.  

    A merlin was seen over the low ground on the 6th April  (Pic: Andy painting)


    We have been checking the mink raft near the Savoch road bridge and were rewarded with a nice sighting of a pair of Grey wagtails on the 7th (reserve year tick) and a singing chiffchaff (just off reserve) on the 8th. Other common summer migrants seen or heard for the first time in this period include Swallow, House martin (6th) and Willow warbler (11th)

    Rattray Highlights in this period (in addition to the snow geese) were a Black redstart on 1st and 2nd April, a Northern Wheatear on 1st April, 25 plus Great northern diver, 30 ish common scoter and 2 arctic terns on the 7th.  

    The Strathbeg otters continue to entertain..a member of staff stumbled on 2 copulating near the Savoch Burn on the 5th and now knows what noises a dog otter makes when disturbed mid-copulation!   We hosted a class from Crimond primary here on the 3rd April who helped launch new terns rafts and we had amazing views of an otter fighting with a pike.   It was a struggle, but the otter won!

  • Latest sightings 17-26 March

    Report by Matthew Smith & Christine Hall.

    Visit to the hides on Monday 17th  for the weekly clean included sightings of Great Crested Grebe (2), Red Breasted Merganser (4), Goosander (2), Bean Goose, Scaup (2) Hooded Crow, Whitefronted Goose and a surprised Ermine on the broadwalk to Fen Hide.

    5.30am start on Tues 18th for early morning goose count got 21, 700 pink footed geese currently roosting on the reserve. WeBs highlights included:

    1 White fronted goose

    54 Barnacle Geese

    3 Great crested grebes (two in breeding plumage)

    1 Bar tailed godwit

    6 Goosander

    9 Gadwall

    115 Teal

    8 Grey herons

    135 Wigeon

    5 Water Rail (heard)

    61 Whooper Swans

    1 Scaup

    81 Tufted Duck

    1 Long tailed duck

    2 Snow geese

    24 Shelduck

    8 Moorhen

    26 Oystercatcher

    59 Mallard

    4 Red breasted merganser

    Whitefronted Goose was still around on 19th  along with a Black Tailed Godwit seen from Visitor Centre.

    Great views of a female goosander ‘snorkelling’ in front of the visitor centre wed 19th morning and a count of 750 jackdaws/rooks from rookery woods. Later in the day a Snipe was spotted on the low ground with 10 Greylags flying down on to the loch at dusk.

    First Ruff of the year was seen from VC on 21st (and is still here) along with 2 Ringed Plover. By the weekend another 5 had joined them making a total of 7.  Number of Redshank have increased and can be seen from every hide.

    A lot going around at the weekend, including a White Tailed Sea Eagle from Bay Hide (thanks to Tony Davis for the photo!)  Little Grebe in front of Fen Hide. A quick touch down of 3 Garganey in front of the VC before taking off again. Also from VC a Little Gull in amongst 440 Black Headed Gulls and of course daily sightings of the Little Egret.


    10 Snipe and 4 Jack Snipe flushed when going out on the marsh to check on the reserve ponies this week.

    Two trips down to Rattray last week included sighting of at least 45 Great Northern Divers and 20 Red Throated Divers. And from the pool a Ruff, 2 Grey Plovers and a  flock of 1500 Golden Plover . A single Snow Bunting in the dunes. 

     (Thanks go to Matt and Christine, who reach the end of their time as residential volunteers this weekend; it's been a pleasure working with you both!)

  • Loch of Strathbeg: Latest sightings 3rd to 16th march


    It’s been a while since our last round up, we have been busy with a couple of projects on the reserve that got held up by the wet and windy winter.

    Continuing on from the last update, Bearded tits are still being seen, literally all over the reserve.   They are a regular feature of a visit to Fen hide.   One of our visitors tells me they are often to the left of the hide.   On the 9th March at least one bird was in the reeds at the south end of the Loch and today there was a group “pinging” in front of the Tower Hide.  



    Thanks to Brian Sandison for this pic.  

    Fen hide has seen some great action.   The highlight being the female and young otter captured on camera by regular visitor Brian Sandison on the 9th, swimming across right in front of the hide. This is presumably the same otters seen on our camera trap. If you haven’t yet seen these amazing images visit our face book page: ( RSPB Aberdeen and North East Scotland)  Brian also photographed a red throated diver from fen hide on the 8th .   Other highlights in early March included up to 3 three long tailed duck and a scaup seen on 4th.   Goosander and red breasted merganser are seen most days along with a single Great crested grebe.   Four different Water rail were heard on the 3rd.   An ermine stoat was in front of the hide on the 8th and another was seen in the airfield car park on the 11th.   Two roe deer were seen swuimming in the loch on the 3rd!



    In comparison Bay Hide has been fairly quiet, but one visitor enjoyed a peregrine falcon launch an unsuccessful attack on a wood pigeon on the 11th.  

    Tower Hide has seen some decent sized wader flocks with 190 lapwing on the 4th, 250 curlew today along with 15 oystercatcher.  Water rail are also heard here most days.   We had an early morning goose count on the 4th recording a very respectable 28,000, most of which came off the Low ground in front of the Tower hide.   Barnacle goose numbers have increased with 45 seen today. Most days a white fronted goose is picked out in the dry fields beyond the Low Ground and two were seen today (too distant to be specific about race though!)   On the 10th we were shifting livestock around and we flushed at least 10 snipe in one smallish area of the Low ground.   A female sparrowhawk has been seen intermittently including a successful hunt of a lapwing on the 9th.  

    Gulls flocks have been significant in recent days with birds shifting between Starnafin pools and the Low ground.   200 Black headed gulls were counted on the 4th, many of whom are no doubt our returning breeding birds. Common gull numbers remain high with 270 counted today.

    Signs of spring in recent days include a small tortoiseshell butterfly, drumming Great spotted woodpecker in the rookery and indeed the raucous rooks.   It’s the time of year when toads are on the move returning to their breeding ponds. I had two encounters today including one that was trying to get into our visitor centre (Although there is no pond in there!!) We have also noted the first Lesser celandine flowers this week.  

    Sightings on the pools in front of the visitor centre include the ever present Little egret, 2 ringed plover on the 2nd, a single redshank on the 12th and today a rather fine 1st winter Iceland Gull. 

    Fairly quiet on the Rattray front in this period, although the two white snow geese have been seen most days and at least 10 Great Northern diver were seen around the lighthouse on the 6th.