It’s now been a month since this blog was last updated, but what a month! Here are a few snapshots of what happened at the reserve for the last 30 days or so.

A load of rubbish: The Song of the Paddle canoe club did an amazing job collecting about two tons of rubbish from the shores of our lochs. Remember take your rubbish away with you when you’re out and about!



The Great Egg Drop: We celebrated Easter in style with our Easter EGGstravaganza: young visitors looked for 25 chicks scattered around the reserve, made some funky decorations and built egg-protection devices, out of paper, plastic cups and string. Not all survived the drop from the viewing tower though.


Not all eggs survived the drop!

 One of our "lost" chicks


One hundred and one birds: Our reserve bird list reached 101 species yesterday! Not bad when we consider there were 118 different bird species for the whole of 2011. This was the highest count in ten years and it seems that 2012 might beat it. Highlights in April included a goshawk, a merlin and a hen harrier. Whilst our smew finally left (it was last seen on the 28th of April, which is the latest we’ve ever seen a smew here) summer migrants started to arrive. Swallow, swifts and sand martins are flying over the loch; warblers are singing in the woods and the marshland…




Chicks and ducklings: It’s that time of the year again! Starlings are nesting in our roof (I can hear their chicks chirp frenetically as I type), mallard mums are taking their ducklings to our feeders and our nestbox cam is spying on two blue tits nests (one has six eggs, the other doesn't have any yet but there is loads of home improvement going on).



All in all April has been a pretty great month and I have a feeling May is going to be just as full of excitement, pop along to the reserve to be part of it!