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  • March 2014

    We’ve had quite an exciting time this month as the days start to become longer and the nights brighter. March kick-started with our first kingfisher sighting of the year on 1 March on Dubbs Water Trail! Always a lovely one to look out for! ...
  • February 2014

    It is certainly starting to feel a bit more like spring these past few days as we leave behind an extremely damp and grey February. The snow drops along the trails and around the visitor centre are gorgeous, and brighten up some of the darker corners...
  • January 2014

    January at the reserve has been an example of sightings of regularly seen species mixed with a few unusual surprises. The most unusual has to be the kittiwake we had on 12 December on the Aird Meadow Loch. This marine gull must have been exhausted because...
  • December 2013 recent sightings

    Well December certainly got off to a great start on the bird front – 145 goosander were recorded between the Aird Meadow Loch and the Barr Loch on 1 December which is the highest count we’ve had since back in the 1990’s! Fantastic stuff...
  • Sightings for November 2013

    It is my privilege to announce on this month’s blog that November brought with it a new species for the reserve! That’s right; on the 6 November we had a little egret perched in a tree on the western side of the Aird Meadow Loch! Very well...
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