April, 2011


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  • Avocet nests

    A total of six Avocet pairs are currently sitting on eggs.

    Two male Garganey have been showing well at Junction pool. Swallow numbers have increased, yesterday they did well to battle against the strong winds across the reserve.

  • Egg...citing Avocet news

    Two Avocet pairs that have nested in front of Sandgrounder's hide are now sitting on eggs. As of yesterday one pair had three eggs and the other pair had two.

    A pair of Oystercatchers are also looking like they are going to nest in fron of the hide. Yesterday they were mating and the female keeps testing out suitable nest spots on the island.

    Avocet pair at nest

    Two Common sandpipers also spent much of the day in front of the hide and a pair of Med gulls were seen in the morning.

  • Feels like Summer, sounds like Spring!

    This weekend temperatures are around 70 F with a slight cooling breeze from S-Easterly directions perfect for spotting migrants. Should be out looking for Osprey instead of doing this!!!

    There are still up to 3000 Pink-feet around and Ruff leks haven't been reported yet but yesterday there was a good passage of Redpolls over-perhaps 50-75 in one hour.

    The first reported first Sedge Warbler was heard yesterday evening and there are Willow Warblers, Wheatears, Blackcaps singing in abundance.

    Numerous Sand Martins and an odd Swallow has been spotted and, more unusually, 5 Jays on the Golf Course.

    Avocet numbers are building nicely but no reported signs of nests as today.  They will find they have the company of an Oystercatcher already scraping a hollow right in front of Sandgrounder's Hide and if last year as anything to go nesting Black-headed Gulls too.

    Earlier in April a Lesser Scaup hung around with the Tufted Ducks on Rainford's Lagoon.

    Get down here quick though-the weather is set to deteriorate later in the week.