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  • Recent Sightings 30th March 2014

    At Mersehead the summer migrants have started to arrive with chiffchaff singing, wheatear on the saltmarsh and sand martin. We still have some Barnacle geese but some have started to move now and head back North to Svalbard. Below are the recent sightings from Mersehead

    Trails- yellowhammer, skylark, barnacle geese, linnet, pied wagtail, chiffchaff, wheatear, nuthatch, great spotted woodpeacker, goldcrest, twite, curlew, buzzard, song thrush, pheasant, meadow pipit, herring gull and reed bunting

    Hides-teal, mallard, pintail, lapwing, mute swan, wigeon, sand martin, shoveler, gadwall, golden eye, tufted duck, whooper swan, heron, moorhen and little grebe

    Beach- ringed plover, shelduck, cormorant, common gull, lesser black backed gull, rock pipit

    Visitor centre- chaffinch, greenfinch, goldfinch, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, tree sparrow, yellowhammer, lapwing, oystercatcher, redshank, house sparrow

  • Treasure Hunt Answers

    On Saturday 15th March we had our first treasure hunt and i would like to thank everyone that part in this event. The answers to the treasure hunt are:


    Treasure point

    Nature Challenge

    History Challenge


    How Tall am i?

    A Sumatran tiger is 76cm or 2ft6in

    A red squirrel is 20 cm or 7.8in

    A baby giraffe is 1m 15cm or 5ft 11in

    Emperor penguin 1m15cm or 3ft 9in

    A fox is 40 cm or 1ft4in

    A female ostrich is 2m or 6ft 7in

    What was it for?

    1. For sewing turnips
    2. For ploughing/turning soil
    3. For making/ploughing seed drills
    4. For weeding between drills/ cultivation


    Baby Animal

    Baby 1 will be a rabbit

    Baby 2 will be a otter

    Baby 3 will be a frog or toad

    Baby 4 will be a red squirrel

    Baby 5 will be a penguin

    RSPB Babies

    Baby A is Colin

    Baby B is Rowena

    Baby C is Ella

    Baby D is Kirsty

    Baby E is Andrew

    Baby F is Jacqui


    Bird anagrams


    Blue tit



    Old maps


    1886- C

    1955- A



    How many?

    130 insects in the jar





    Frog/toad= paddock


    Hare= maukin


    Animal quiz

    Animal 1 is a peacock

    Animal 2 is a robin

    Animal 3 is a rabbit

    Animal 4 is a bat

    Animal is a hedgehog

    What does it mean?


    Media means meadow



    Small tortoiseshell butterfly and red squirrel

    Red kite garden

    A tennis court

  • recent sightings 12th February

    At the reserve we have had another tidal flood and we are starting the clean up again with mending sea walls, fixing fences and picking up litter again. Although this has not put off the birds and animals at the reserve and here are the recent sightings

    Visitor Centre- tree sparrow, chaffinch, greenfinch, blackbird, yellowhammer, coal tit, blue tit, great tit, goldfinch, robin, dunnock, wren, magpie and barnacle geese

    Meida Hide- scaup, gadwall, little grebe, goldeneye, teal, mallard, wigeon, shoveler, shelduck, tufted duck and moorhen

    Bruaich hide- pink footed geese, green winged teal, rook, pintail, lapwing, curlew, grey heron, ruff and whooper swan

    Trails- dipper, merlin, stonechat, bullfinch, buzzard, goldcrest, linnet, twite and song thrush

    Beach- ringed plover, dunlin and oystercatcher

    Mammals- stoat, fox, hare, badger and deer