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Middleton Lakes

Middleton Lakes
Do you love our Middleton Lakes nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Forum Thread: Herons at Middleton

    We have been hearing heron chicks calling for food all through July. So we expect to have herons about the heronry until September. There are two herons visible (probably teenagers) standing on their nests on the northend of the colony.
  • Forum Thread: Juvenile heron at Middleton Lakes

    We had a report from our volunteer wardens of a heron hovering over the northern lakes acting like a kestrel. This is the silly season for juvenile herons – expect any strange activity as part of their foraging learning curve.
  • Forum Thread: Bird olympics at Middleton Lakes - Great spotted woodpecker

    ... And back to the twosome-great spottie-gymnastics – youngster is clasping and feeding from the suet slab feeder – easy. Father is on the side support branch and stre-e-tching to the other suet slab – it's not close but with the long beak it's reachable. Yes, dad has...
  • Forum Thread: Bullfinches at Middleton Lakes

    Another mystery solved. Over the winter there were several sightings of bullfinch by the tracks and car-park hedgerows. Then no more (or few) sightings during spring. Recently one of our voluntary wardens had taken some photos of the heronry and when he enlarged them on his computer, what did he see...
  • Forum Thread: The feeding station at Middleton Lakes

    One early morning, at the feeders, a juvenile blackbird was looking bemused as it perched on a branch support. It had found the food store but what next? Well it was safer amongst the feeders – there was so much to-ing-and-fro-ing, nobody would see it, would they? And where was mum......
  • Forum Thread: Early redwings in north Walsall

    Hello - can anyone confirm sightings of early redwings on the Bloxwich area recently. Reported to me as being in gardens, eating berries, flocks of 10. A mystery .... n
  • Forum Thread: Coot or moorhen - white or red beak

    A visitor asked about the difference between a coot and a moorhen. So it got us thinking again. Coot ( ) The coot calls its name. It has a white beak. Note the letters C-O-O-T . CO reminds us of the cold and white frost, OO...
  • Forum Reply: beautiful day

    ***Posted on behalf of Alicia by her Dad!*** i've just been to middleton lakes with my family and i have seen a kestral, 2 great spotted woodpeckers,heron and a greenfinch chick. Chris and the team were out with their RSPB pod giving information. We helped make some fat balls which are now hanging...
  • Forum Thread: Great crested grebe at Middleton Lakes

    A single great crested grebe was practising its courtship moves – never too late. Head up, stretch neck, jump up , dive under water, rise up – then swim nonchalantly towards the reeds. But who was watching.