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  • Blog Post: A rarity fest

    Firstly, apologies for the lack of an update for the last week - not enough time in the office between meetings and a weekend off are to blame. It's been an excellent few days on the reserve - typically as I've not been out looking for anything. Two groups of birds have stolen the show - raptors...
  • Blog Post: winter arrivals

    Just time for a quick update today, based on recent sightings by colleagues and visitors, as I've not been on the reserve for a few days. Certainly some clear evidence that winter is on it's way, with up to ten Bewick's swans using the reserve for the last few days. They seem to be mobile...
  • Blog Post: Unexpected surprises

    One of the joys of wildlife watching is its unpredictability. Take our starlings for a start. After several years without a decent starling roost at Minsmere, we'd almost given up on them returning, and began focusing on the roost at RSPB Snape . Imagine our surprise and pleasure when the roost began...