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Northward Hill
Do you love our Northward Hill nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: 'Spring is in the air' by Dave Saunders

    Spring is in the air (or The Cuckoo and the Nightingale) After meeting up with the Bird-Ringers and seeing a beautiful long-tailed tit out of the nets, suitably weighed, measured and rung I made my way to the Ernest Hemsley Viewpoint. At least two cuckoos were calling around on the newly leaved Silver...
  • Blog Post: Another good reason to visit Northward Hill

    Why not come along to Northward Hill to see wild birds closer than ever before? A qualified team of bird ringers are on site once a month giving demonstrations to the public and are next here on 14th December to help you get 'hands on' with nature. The Sunday morning activity is based at our...
  • Blog Post: When chopping down trees is a good thing

    The RSPB owns Northward Hill, and the nature reserve is one of the oldest in the charity’s history. The nature reserve comprises a variety of habitats the majority of which is lowland wet grazing marsh, but we also have pools, scrubland and woodland. The nature reserve is managed for biodiversity...
  • Blog Post: Autumn migration has started - meet the bird ringing team Sunday October 12th

    We have had a proper 'Indian summer' this year. I have heard some claiming that we have jumped from summer to winter and missed out autumn altogether! With the weather so pleasant there hasn't seemed much of an impetus for birds to start moving... well, perhaps not from our perspective, but...
  • Blog Post: RSPB Medway Local Group Walk

    Sunday 27th April: RSPB Medway Local Group walk to RSPB Northward Hill Reserve Although the weather didn't bode well the sun almost shone sometimes and the rain stayed away. We started off the morning with a chat to the BTO bird ringers and close ups of a beautiful female blackcap and a whitethroat...
  • Blog Post: Nightingales at Northward Hill

    On bank holiday Monday 4 Nightingale were seen at Northward Hill Reserve, along with 2 sparrowhawk, 2 buzzard, 1 kestrel, 1 hobby, 4 avocet, 1 black-tailed godwit, 10 Mediteranean gull, 2 cuckoo, 3 wheatear and 4 ring ouzel. On the same day, close to RSPB Motney Hill Reserve a turtle dove was seen (at...
  • Blog Post: Easter weekend visit to Northward Hill

    As Rolf Williams said last week Spring has definately sprung. At the Ernest Hemsley view point a few of us enjoyed the rare sight of four Ring Ouzel foraging amongst the sheep and rabbits, three beautifully marked males and a lone female, they were still there at 6pm last night (21/04/14) as the light...
  • Blog Post: Furry friends at Northward Hill

    Local photographer and wildlife enthusiast Tony Peake has kindly shared his recent photos with us, from his visit to Northward Hill at the weekend. This is my favourite...
  • Blog Post: An education in Moths

    Our new interns are very keen to learn, and with the help of the very knowledgeable Roger Kiddie, they have over the past week been using the moth trap at Northward Hill, to learn about the various species that are found here. So far Lucia and Jack have seen Acleris Cristana, Yellow Horned, Agonopterix...
  • Blog Post: Working our wood for wildlife

    You may have noticed that some trees in the woods at RSPB Northward Hill have been marked with painted crosses – what does this mean? The RSPB is routinely visited by regional tree safety advisors who conduct an independent assessment of woods under our management. As a responsible landowner...
  • Blog Post: Bird Ringing at Northward Hill

    Experienced BTO Bird Ringer, Roger Kiddie was at Bromhey Farm for the last two ringing sessions (16th February and 2nd March), in which a total of 54 birds were recorded. They include all the usual suspects including blue tit, great tit, dunnock, robin, chaffinch, goldfinch, greenfinch (including a bird...
  • Blog Post: Lovely weather for ducks at Northward Hill

    The whole country is under water at the moment, but rest assured that the water lying on the RSPB reserves on the North Kent Marshes, from Gravesend to Whitstable, is all well contained. We are in the business of trying to hang on to water so that the fields are good and wet and therefore soft, for the...
  • Blog Post: Latest sightings from Dave Saunders

    It is always pleasant to be greeted by birdsong at a reserve, especially in the colder months, so the tinkling Goldfinches were very welcome as were their still vibrant colours. So up the hill to the viewpoint and down to the newly inaugurated Gordon’s Hide. From it I could see way out over...
  • Media: Goldfinch

    Taken at Northward Hill this morning (1.3.11)
  • Media: Beautiful Viper's Bugloss - Echium vulgare

    My partner and I noticed this beautiful purple flower, that also reflected hints of blue and violet, soaked with rain, as we left RSPB Northward Reserve on a visit in the first week of July.
  • Media: WeBS count Oct

    Birdwatching from the water, warden Andy Daw, Cumulus fairweather clouds and abandoned bargeds on the river Medway. The Wetland Birds Survey (WeBS) is undertaken once a month over several sights: Northward Hill, St.Marys Marsh, Site X, Shorne, Higham Marsh, Cliffe Pools and the Medway River.
  • Media: Robin

    Taken today at Northward Hill, singing merrily at me.
  • Media: Trench Digging at Cliffe

    The residential volunteers creating an enclosure to allow scrub to develop near Conoco pool.
  • Media: Learning to chainsaw at Leeds castle

  • Media: WeBS count in the Medway

    Flock of black-headed gulls take off as we head back to land!
  • Media: Finally! The Sun and Concrete Setting at the Marsh Viewpoint

    The memorial benches overlooking the marsh viewpoint have been restored and put back after hours of digging from the warden and residential volunteers, at northward hill.
  • Blog Post: sightings 7th Nov 2011

    NHH 07/11/11 A huge chattering flock of fieldfare numbering around 400 came into roost at Northward Hill near to the Bromhey office this afternoon, shortly followed by over 100 redwing. Surely, a sign of harsh weather further north and no doubt helped on their way by the recently northerly wind flow...
  • Blog Post: Spring time!

    Our first Swallows of the year were spotted five days ago and since then we have had a steady stream passing through the Northward Hill reserve. Chiffchaffs and Blackcap are now in song and a large fall of Wheatear (50+) this morning, along with our first singing Nightingale, really signaled the start...
  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings

    Recent Sightings in and around the penisular: 5 Ring ouzels spotted at Cliffe Firecrest at Alan's Pool 2 Short eared owls at St. Mary's Marsh Thanks to local bird watchers for reporting.
  • Blog Post: sightings 30/03/2011

    a small group from the Gravesend Local RSPB Group ventured out to Northward Hill last Wednesday. This is what they saw: Near the office: greenfinch, starlings 60+, B Tit, chaffinch, G. Tit, dunnock, green woodpecker, goldfinch, h sparrow In addition, on marsh; shelduck 23+, wigeon 100+, tufted...