May, 2012

Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks
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Pulborough Brooks

  • Night heron puts on matinee

    Fantastic warm spring day here yesterday - an adult night heron was found by a visitor at about 10.30 and it then appeared on the north brooks a few times, though elusive. There was also a redstart singing on the southern edge of the heath and a spotted flycathcer singing (well, faintly squeaking) from the trees near Jupp's view.

    In the evening, I led a walk to look for nightjars - we had great views of at least 2 males around 'the clump' at about 21.30, calling, wing-clapping and of course churring. Whilst waiting for the nightjars, chirping in the gloom nearby was a field cricket, a rare species recently translocated to PB. A few pipistrelles and a serotine bat passed nearby/overhead according to the bat detectors. Lost a fair amount of blood to the local midges, but well worth it on such a beautiful warm, still evening - it was still 24C at 22.30!

  • Garganey still here

    Drake garganey still present on north brooks today (best seen from hanger viewpoint or Nettley's hide) though apparently disappears for long periods! Hobbies have been hunting over the brooks in the last couple of days - again the best place to watch this aerial display has been the hanger.

    Nightingales still singing, along with most of the other spring migrants - blackcaps, garden warblers and whitethroats.

    The warm weather (finally) has brought a few dragonflies - hairy drag', broad-bodied and four-spotted chasers plus 2 or 3 species of damselfly.

  • Noisy youngsters

    No news of garganey today, but a short-eared owl was seen on the north brooks. Judging by the squeaking/chattering noises coming from a few tree holes around the trail it won't be long before young great spotted woodpeckers start appearing. Busy parent woodpeckers have been noted visiting a number nest sites in recent days.