Another extraordinary day of swallow and martin passage - the photos below give you some idea of the numbers sheltering/resting in the rain this morning. The first is of a gateway on the north brooks - there were several similarly 'loaded' with birds -, the second the fence next the waste water treatment works adjacent to the reserve. Many of the gates were covered with house martins on the top wire, with swallows and smaller numbers of sand martins on the lower wires. Completely impossible to count accurately, but clearly there were many thousands of birds involved. Other birds here today included yellow wagtail, wheatear, greenshank, great crested grebe, egyptian goose, pochard, gadwall, tufted duck, redshank, lapwing with 3 chicks (that somehow survived last week's flood), plus singing nightingale, reed warbler, lesser whitethroat, cuckoo and blackcap.