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Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks
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  • Blog Post: White-fronts

    12 white-fronted geese on the north brooks today - the first of the autumn, found by regular volunteer Clive Hope at about midday. A few black-tailed godwits, ruff and golden plover amongst the lapwings. Crossbills, redpolls and siskins on the heath. Sadly, no one has reported the yellow-browed warbler...
  • Blog Post: 5.12.11

    Some more rain over the last fews days has brought more pintail (ca.120) and black-tailed godwits (ca.50) to the site, to go with the many hundreds of lapwing, wigeon and teal. Firecrest(s) still present around the trail, crossbills still sporadically appearing on the heath. Many fieldfares and redwings...
  • Blog Post: 19.1.12

    At least 24 white-fronted geese on the south brooks today (from west mead or winpenny hides) and between 100-150 black-tailed godwits reported from the north brooks. Flock of about 10 crossbills reported from the heath.