Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks
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Pulborough Brooks

  • It's cheep(!), come and get it...

    Our 12.75kg sacks of bird seed are currently on offer with 20% off until 23 February.

    The offer excludes peanuts but includes the ever-popular sunflower hearts and no-mess mix.

    Sorry about the pun!

  • Beautiful bullfinches and more

    Over the last few days pretty pink bullfinches have been particularly visible around the nature trail. 

    My typical encounter with a bullfinch is one where I hear it's soft 'peu, peu' call and then see a white bottom disappearing into a nearby blackthorn thicket.  But at this time of year, whilst there are no leaves on the shrubs and trees, you can get great views of them here.  The usual 'hotspots' are along the zig zag path, around Fattengates courtyard and by Hanger View, but yesterday several were showing themselves very well along 'adder alley'.

    Bullfinch by Chris Prince

    Whilst looking for bullfinches along adder alley, if it is a sunny day, it is just worth keeping your eyes open for basking adders.  None have been reported yet this year but they normally start to emerge in the latter half of February.

    As you arrive at Pulborough Brooks, the first thing you are likely to hear is the great spotted woodpecker - they love to 'drum' on the big oak tree on the edge of the car park.  Through the courtyard keep a look out on the feeders for lovely coal and marsh tits and boisterous nuthatch. Heading out from the centre a kestrel can often be seen hovering over the longer grass and arable plot and linnets perch on the birch trees as you wander down the zig zags.

    West Mead hide is my favoured spot for snipe seeking - look for movement amongst the rushy tussocks on the edge of the pool particularly from the far end of the hide.  The Pulborough range of dabbling ducks can also be seen well from this hide - teal, wigeon, pintail and shoveler.

    Heading round to the North Brooks and Hanger View look in the pasture fields for members of the thrush family - song, mistle, fieldfare and redwing - all enjoy rooting around for insects in these fields.  Hanger View is the best vantage point for raptor watching - marsh harrier and peregrine being the current highlights.  The head down to Nettley's hide to admire more ducks and the black-tailed godwits, but don't neglect to look a little bit closer too - a water rail has been using the ditches right in front of the hide windows. 

    As the daylight fades woodcock have been seen flying from the cover of the wet woodland and across to the pools to feed.  The best place to watch them from is the car park where you have clear sky.  Last night they appeared at around 5.40 pm.


  • Wild families 'muck in' to give nature a home

    Wild families - our nature needs you!

    We're currently enlisting families to help us give nature a home on the reserve through our family 'muck in' volunteering days where you'll need to pull on your boots and gloves and join the reserve team for a morning of practical conservation work. As well as helping us to give nature a home it is a great chance to get out in the fresh air, spend some time as a family, learn some skills, make some new friends and of course, have fun!

    We have 2 days coming up over the next couple of months:

     On Sunday 15 February 10.30 am - 1 pm we'll be designing and constructing some homes for nature.  We'll start off on a mission to the woods to gather materials before heading down to Fattengates courtyard to make reptile piles, wren towers and a lizard lounge!

    On Saturday 04 April 11 am - 1.30 pm we'll be making the nature reserve an even better place for bugs, bees and butterflies by planting wildflowers and making bug hotels.

    There is no charge for taking part, but we would like to know who is coming in advance so we can make sure we have the right tools.  To book your place contact the visitor centre on 01798 875851 or send an email to pulborough.brooks@rspb.org.uk

     Some of our wonderful family volunteers helping to construct a reptile habitat pile - photos by Eleanor Bentall (rspb-images.com)

    If you feel that practical work is not your strongpoint there are plenty of other events and activities for families during the February half term and Easter holidays - take a look at the events page of our website www.rspb.org.uk/pulboroughbrooks