Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks
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  • Nature trail closed until 9.30 am on Thursday

    The nature trail will be closed tomorrow morning (Thursday 23 October) until the visitor centre opens at 9.30 am. The closure is in place to enable us to safely complete essential management work on the reserve. You can still access the wooded heathland...
  • Good news - grey phalaropes and great discounts!

    Just a brief message from me this afternoon. The two grey phalaropes are out on the North Brooks as we speak. They are busy little birds, always on the move so although 'loyal' to the North Brooks since their first appearance on Monday I can't...
  • Ducks are a-dabbling

    All the rain we've had over the past week has certainly raised the water levels out on the brooks, much to the satisfaction of the ducks who are starting to arrive in significant numbers. Most numerous are the lovely chestnut-coloured whistling...
  • Nature trail closed until 9:30am 2nd October

    Please be aware that the nature trail will be closed until 9:30am tomorrow (2nd October) morning. Sorry for any disruption and inconvenience! Andy, Assistant Warden
  • The arrival of autumn

    As we approach the end of September, things are certainly starting to feel more autumnal; leaves are starting to turn golden, you have to dodge the spiky sweet chestnuts as they fall from the trees, earthball fungi have emerged on the woodland floor and...