Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks
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  • A celebration of nightingales

    Follow the link below to watch a fabulous video clip of one of the Pulborough Brooks nightingales singing. This clip was recorded this morning by Bill Brooks - thanks Bill!
  • Bluebells and birdsong

    Birdsong is certainly the highlight of a walk around the wetland trail at the moment. You can hear nightingale as soon as you step outside the visitor centre and onto the trail, with one singing from the top of the zig zags, another one or two from...
  • Putting on a show

    Following on from our first nightingale sighting on Thursday, more of these great songsters have arrived and are serenading visitors from the usual spots - fattengates courtyard and adder alley. Far from being the skulking fellows that they're renowned...
  • They're here

    A beautiful spring morning at Pulborough Brooks heralds the return of one our reserve highlights. The nightingales are back. And bang on time too. The 10th April has been a regular date for their spring performance to start each year, and they haven’t...
  • The brooks in bloom

    Whilst we’re still awaiting the arrival of our first nightingale of the year, we’ve had plenty of other newcomers over the past few days. The gentle descending tune of the willow warbler can be heard towards the bottom of the zig zags,...