December, 2011

Rainham Marshes

Rainham Marshes
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Rainham Marshes

  • That Godwit again!

    Amazingly another visitor has caught our yawning Black-tailed Godwit in action! Clive Watts even captured Rhynchokinesis on film and the bird did it several times.

    Clive has stitched together several instances of the bird doing this in a short video. The longer one below is also well worth a watch!

    Bendy Bill (Clive Watts)

    Shock! Horror!  An ok bird picture by me!

  • Magical Merlin...

    A Merlin was seen briefly yesterday morning. They rarely perch up here and most views are of a one dashing about over the fields after a stray Meadow Pipit or Skylark. Bill Potter is one of my volunteers here and captured this amazing footage of a one at Oare Marshes in North Kent recently. It had obviously just eaten as there are fluffy feathers and some blood around the bill. Anyway enjoy this close up view and have one of thise 'wish I was there' moments.

  • 2011... Not too shoddy!

    And so another year ends... have just totted things up and I reckon that we ended up on about 192 species for the year (18 behind the staggering 2010). It was not a truly great year but had some memorable moments, not least the Slaty Backed Gull (new to GB) in January and February, another Alpine Swift  in April, Manx Shearwater and both Guillemots and Razorbill in the autumn, a double rare tern day in August with Whiskered and White-winged Black Terns seen and a scattering of notables including Waxwings, Ring Ouzels and a flythrough Red-rumped Swallow that was actually picked up by Kev on the south side of the Thames leaving Rainham and heading across to his side! Long-tailed Skua was the only other new species added to the ever growing site list!

    Tomorrow is not only another day but another year so eyes at the ready and we head out tomorrow to start all over again!  I have a good feeling about 2012 on the marsh so fingers crossed...

    Will leave you with some images from Les Harrison today...

    Happy New Year

    Bearded Tit