Looks like we might have a new breeding species for the island - Great tit! A pair that were here all winter have now been seen nest building. It looks like they are nesting in a hole in a stone wall, copying the style of our wheatear!

We're pretty sure this would be a new species for the island breeding bird list - need to double check some historical records. They might only be 'messing about' and may suddenly realise that they are on an island and not in a woodland or garden but fingers crossed.

The early lambing rota has it's advantages - 150 Goldfinch came in off the sea from the west just after 6am today and headed across the island to the mainland in an easterly direction. Single curlew again today plus much smaller swallow movement. Male house sparrow singing forlornly again!

Strong north easterly winds stopped the boat from running but it looks more promising for tomorrow, then not so great again on Wednesday and Thursday. Call 01437 721721 (Thousand Island Expeditions) for more info