Ramsey Island and Grassholm

Ramsey Island and Grassholm

Ramsey Island and Grassholm
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Ramsey Island and Grassholm

  • Storm Imogen

    It seems like most of our blogs this winter have been about storms! Its been one of those winters I suppose. Well here's another one!

    The 9th named storm of the season came crashing in during the early hours. No damage to the buildings so we hunkered down and got on with some computer work in the safety of the house. 75mph logged at Milford, 90+ on the Cleddau Bridge.

    I ventured out later in the day and managed a few photos before the camera became too soggy! The spray from waves breaking at Aber Mawr was being carried across the whole island and reached the farm! Its no wonder everything goes rusty out here! Heather along the south coast has been scorched black in places. 

    we took the boat out of the water a few days ago....

    .....but began to question if it was even safe on the harbour wall!

    The following are all of Dillyn Bay on the south coast of Ramsey - a confused mass of currents at the best of times

    In the summer boats drive through that gap being filled by the breaking wave!

    Salty dog

  • Homeward Bound

    A quick 2 week mainland trip for meetings and family visits turned into 3 weeks thanks to the weather but we finally made it back across today. Big thanks to Derek and Karen for putting us up for the past week! The sea was the calmest it has been for a while and we had no problem getting across Ramsey Sound. However with the forecast for the weekend and into the start of next week looking less than settled we winched the boat out onto the harbour wall - who knows how long it will sit there this time!

    All seems well on the island. Fulmars were back on ledges today, the sheep and ponies looked well and the earliest ever daffodils are in full bloom! We usually struggle to get one out in time for St Davids day on March 1st. There was also a bluebell plant in the garden in a vary advanced stage! Strange times indeed.

    Nice to see the harbour looking so calm

    Lisa craning the boat out with our trusty harbour crane

    Always pleased to get back, Dewi was soon back on his favourite step

    Ramsey daffs in full bloom in February!

  • Storm Frank

    With the wind gusting over 60mph it was a disturbed night as the windows rattled and the sea thumped into the cliffs below. No damage this morning and the livestock seem fine and were all accounted for. With high tide at around 9am we took shelter with our cameras to capture some images. Those of you who know Ramsey will recongnise today was not a good one if you were hoping for a boat!