May, 2011

Rye Meads

Rye Meads
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Rye Meads

  • Kingfishers - probably fledged

    We think the kingfishers have fledged! It looks like young birds have come out of the nest holes, and the parent birds are showing no signs of taking fish in. Fantastic news that the first brood have got away successfully! The young birds will now be pushed off the site as the kingfishers get down to their second brood. They are still sitting on posts outside the bank giving cracking views, so well worth a visit as they start on brood number two. Last year they had three broods, so still a long way to go!


  • Splish splash....

    I was taking a bath once upon a Rye Meads afternoon... Anyone want to sing this with me? :)


    It's currently raining, but it's been so dry recently! We do have out lagooons so the birds have been enjoying the amount of water we have on site... check out this crow


    When the kingfishers are feeding young every ten minutes we quite often see the adults pop in with a fish, then they spend a few minutes bathing...
    There can be upto 7 babies in the hole, and they are in there for upto 25 days... It can get quite disgusting in there, hence the need for a good wash!
        These fabulous pictures were taken by Malcolm Housden



    Talking of the kingfisher bathing...
    You know the male had a favourite stick? The one that he always went to when he wanted to wash... This one:

      Great picture by Peter Hewitt

    Well Im sorry to tell you that the stick is no more!

    It's broken! Apparently two pigeons broke it!
    Unfortunately, while the kingfishers are still breeding we can't go out there and put a new on in! Kingfishers are easily disturbed while breeding (which is why you can't get closer than the distance of the hide without a licence) .

    Human disturbance of nesting birds is a big threat for kingfisher survival - broods fail if something upsets the feeding routine. If human presence close to a nest prevents these shy birds from entering the nest for too long, the chicks may weaken enough (either from cold or hunger) to stop calling. This makes the parents wrongly assume that they are well fed and will not feed them. As a result, the chicks will perish.



    Ta ta for now! Lou

  • Tree Bees

    Afternoon all!

    I hope you are all well!

    Now after all the updates of the community page I haven't learnt how to use everything... So there is now a function that I can add videos in to the blog post. So I nipped out yesterday and took a video of those tree bees I was telling you about, and I'm going to try and upload it to see if I can (and show you the fab bees too!)