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Rye Meads
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Rye Meads

  • Sightings today 22 July 2014

    Hello All

    What a lovely day to be be out.

    A good count of 11 green sandpipers on the Draper scrape this morning which had increased to 12 this afternoon.  Also on the Draper today a little egret, grey heron, 4 lapwing, some recently fledged common terns along with a little grebe family.  

    The water voles are eating us out of house and home with the apples put out yesterday all gone bar a few bits of skin left on the platform.  Plenty of butterfly and dragonfly activity today as well with brown hawkers zipping around, speckled wood, peacock, common blue, small tortoiseshell, and common blue damselfly to name a few.

    The volunteer work party was working near the Ashby hide today and i had a look in the raised pond and found loads of caddis larvae in various cases, along with water boatman, back swimmers, water shrimp, pond skaters and water beetles.  The caddis were very active and i managed to capture a video

    Click here to play this video

    If you are interested in pond creatures and minibeasts we have a range of activity days over the next month allowing you to delve in to Rye Meads (30 July, 7, 18, 19 and 25 August) see events page www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/r/ryemeads/events.aspx   for more information or ring the reserve on 01992  708383. 



  • Raspberry Clearwing!

    Hello All

    After a couple of queries, i thought i would pop out today and see if we had any raspberry clearwings this year, boy do we!  

    I put the pheromone lure up near to the raspberry and blackberry patch next to the ramp as you go up to the tern and gadwall hides.  With in 2 minutes i had 3 raspberry clearwings around the pheromone, and then they just descended i can't ever remember so many coming so quickly!  In less than 10 minutes i had potted up 10 and number 11 was buzzing round the pheromone and i am sure i missed a couple of others. A fabulous 10 minutes!

    I even managed 1 red tipped clearwing despite it being a bit late for them (peak is June)

    So if you are interested in moths, now is a really good time to come look for raspberry clearwing.



  • Moths today 18 July 2014


    It has been a while since i ran the moth trap so i was slightly overwhelmed this morning when i came to empty the trap and mother of pearl and riband wave came flying out in the dozens.  However i was rewarded with a nice full trap and some nice specimens including a couple of hawk moths 1 poplar and a small elephant, trap total came to just over 60 species, so pretty good.


    poplar hawk moth

    Other macros include marbled beauty, clouded border, lesser yellow underwing, pale prominent, scalloped oak, light and dark arches, nut tree tussock, olive, drinker, the flame, dingy footman,  red twin-spot carpet and shaded broad bar.  


    poplar grey


    scalloped oak

    yellow shell

    Micros also added to the list with endotricha flammealis, agonopterix alstromeriana, small china mark (likes ponds, ditches and other wet areas), barred fruit tree tortrix and cyclamen tortrix, catoptria pinella (shame i did not get a photo of this one, just too fidgety,  very smart!), anania coronata, crassa unitella and limnaecia phragmitella.  All though micro moths can be quite tiny and mostly have latin names it is well worth looking at some of these moths they have beautiful markings and tiny detail.


    ypsolopha scabrella

    thanks very much