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  • Sightings today 22 July 2014

    Hello All What a lovely day to be be out. A good count of 11 green sandpipers on the Draper scrape this morning which had increased to 12 this afternoon. Also on the Draper today a little egret, grey heron , 4 lapwing , some recently fledged common...
  • Raspberry Clearwing!

    Hello All After a couple of queries, i thought i would pop out today and see if we had any raspberry clearwings this year, boy do we! I put the pheromone lure up near to the raspberry and blackberry patch next to the ramp as you go up to the tern...
  • Moths today 18 July 2014

    Hello It has been a while since i ran the moth trap so i was slightly overwhelmed this morning when i came to empty the trap and mother of pearl and riband wave came flying out in the dozens. However i was rewarded with a nice full trap and some nice...
  • Update 17 July 2014

    Hello All Just a quick round up of some recent happenings. The numbers of green sandpipers on the Draper are increasing with 9 on 12 July. As the vegetation is getting quite tall and blocking the view in this area the work party is out there today...
  • second brood fledging update

    Hi All Three more kingfisher chicks were seen fledging the burrow yesterday. So a total of 5 chicks fledged for the second brood and brood 3 is well under way. thanks vicky