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Rye Meads

Rye Meads
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  • VISMIG - Sunday's results

    Sunday's VISMIG was very rewarding and worth the effort of getting up so early! After a wet start on waking, clear skies and a warm sun were waiting for me when I reached Rye Meads. I was joined by Toby and Jan from the Rye Meads Ringing group and...

    Hello everyone. We are back on line at last. Tweeting will recommence on Friday. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Cheers Caroline
  • Contacting Rye Meads

    Hello, our computers have been out of action since last Wednesday due to someone cutting through a cable off-site. If you have been trying to contact us by email, please ring the office on 01992 708383 and we will gladly deal with your query. Cheers...
  • VISMIG - Sunday 19th October 8am-11am

    Hello everyone, due to the fog last weekend and the rather poor show by migrating birds, I am going to run another Visible Migration event on Sunday 19th October. We will start at 8.00 am and finish at 11.00 am. This time we will coincide with the...
  • Unexpected visitor!

    Hello All A visitor very kindly reported an unexpected visitor of the feathered variety, today in the form of a juvenile cuckoo!! It was sitting on the fence just passed the cattle shed on the meadow, showing very nicely before flying off in to more...