If you think the UK is cold in winter, try growing up in the Arctic!

For us brent geese, coming to the UK in winter is definitely a 'summer' holiday! We leave our breeding grounds in the chilly North (where subzero tempertatures are standard), and head over to the UK in our family groups. And what a sight we are!

Visit the beautiful fishing village of Leigh-on-Sea during October, and you'll get to see thousands of us flying overhead in our disorderly flocks.

We also like to gather on the mudflats to graze on eel-grass, algae, and saltmarsh plants, as well as stopping off in nearby fields to feast on winter cereals, grass and oilseed rape.

Friendly RSPB staff and volunteers will be at their viewpoint next to the beach to tell you more about us. They'll also show you all the other birds that make this coastline their home including, little egrets, black-tailed godwits, dunlins, knots, and turnstones!

When can you see us?

We'll be at Victoria Wharf daily (weather permitting), 10 am-4 pm

What's at the site?

Friendly staff and volunteers will show you the brent geese and a host of other fascinating birds which use our estuaries. Have a look through our telescopes and binoculars and you'll get great views without disturbing the birds. Plenty of shops and cafes nearby make this an enjoyable day out.

How to find us

We're at Victoria Wharf, about 15 minutes' walk from Leigh station and next to Leigh beach and the public toilets. The best way to get to Victoria Wharf is to park or get the train to Leigh station. Walk past the cockle sheds and through the old town towards Chalkwell. Parking is also available next to Victoria Wharf (about 16 spaces).

What should I bring?

Nothing - just make sure you're dressed for the weather.

Still got some questions?

Telephone: Alan Shearman on 01268 498621
E-mail: southessexproject@rspb.org.uk