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South Essex
A landscape of wetlands and marshes nestled along the Thames Estuary.
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  • Blog Post: Our pre schoolers explore the world!

    This month our Little Owls group enjoyed a morning of worldwide exploration. They travelled to America to discover the Statue of Liberty, flew to Mexico where they created Aztec headdresses, crossed the Atlantic to Botswana to make tribal jewellery & music, made their way up to India following a...
  • Blog Post: Little Owls grow their own!

    Caterpillars and butterflies were the theme of this month’s Little Owls Club which was, as always, great fun for everyone involved. The children did a variety of craft activities, listened to the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, danced with their butterflies in the garden, and even got to...
  • Blog Post: Our Little Owls Discover Transport This Month

    Transport was the theme of Little Owls Club this month. In the photo you can see the group testing out boats that they have made in our paddling pools. The children also got to see a tractor up close, flew planes across the field, and raced cars down the slope in our Discovery Zone. Next months Little...
  • Blog Post: Today our Little Owls Club reached for the stars!

    The Little Owls Club met today at the RSPB Discovery Zone in Wat Tyler Park for 2 hours of fun nature based activities. This months theme was Space and the children learnt all about planets & stars through games, song & craft. In the picture the group can be seen making a mural of the nights...