April, 2011

South Stack Cliffs

South Stack Cliffs
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South Stack Cliffs

  • Lizard Safari - A Big Hit!!!

    Hi all,

    Just  a short update to let you all know that our new Lizard Safari walks at South Stack have started and have attracted much interest from families and are especially popular with the kids.

     Having completed three walks this week - I pleased to say that we have seen numerous common lizards and 3 of our illusive reptile species 'the Adder'

     6 year old Wildlife explorer Henry, one our young Lizard Safari participants was thrilled and excited because he spotted his first ever Adder crossing the path near Ellins Tower -  truly an amazing nature moment that will stay in Henrys memory  forever and hopefully encourage further exploration into the world of watching these fascinating creatures - Henry received a special Lizard Pin Badge Prize for his Excellent spot -  ''Well Done Henry''  


    Lizard Safari

    Who wants to see a real life Lizard in the wild?

    Join one of our friendly RSPB Lizard leaders on a half hour South Stack Lizard safari and explore the secret world of these mini

    dinosaur cousins and if you are lucky you might even spot a Snake!


    Free to all

    Come along to South Stack for a Reptile adventure - kids and adults alike will love it 


    Lizard Safari walks are run subject to warm and sunny weather



    See all you budding Herpetologists soon -

     Love x Peace x Respect - Mark Lizard Safari Leader  :-)x(-:

    For Further Information Please Telephone The Visitor Centre On - 01407 762100


    e-mail - south.stack@rspb.org.uk


    Visit – www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/s/southstackcliffs





  • A New Day A New Beginning

    Welcome to a new spring  day - a new RSPB Visitor Centre and  the start of an exciting new beginning in the history of  RSPB South Stack Cliffs.

    It’s been a long journey -  after much hard work we have finally reached our destination -  a visitor attraction that:

    • Opens daily 10 am-5 pm  all year-round
    • has a café Serving Delicious Food and Drink
    • has a retail outlet offering quality RSPB products, with 100 % of profits spent directly on nature conservation
    • holds activities, events and guided walks throughout the year

    Please watch this space or visit our website for further information and updates!

    Hope that we will see you all in the future.

  • What a beautiful weekend!

    Well, its official, spring is definately in full swing here at South Stack!

    If you take just a short walk in the heath your soon immersed in the wonderful scenery with Wheatears, Stonechat and Swallows wizzing by, with some lovely butterflies starting to venture out and some great big bumblebees looking very busy indeed! 

    One of our dear Chough Pairs, Mr and Mrs Mousetrap, are settling down to breed.  Mrs Mousetrap made herself very comfy in her nest and hasn't moved since!  We should like to think she'll be laying her eggs very soon!  We are hoping to get a live camera streaming this on our website any day now, so you can follow the story of Mr and Mrs Mousetrap at home and watch them raise their adorable chicks.

    The Auks have been very busy prospecting thier breeding grounds, with some signs of nest building and a little squabbling between the younger ones as they fight it out for nesting space - really there is so much cliff space here you would have thought there would be enough for everyone!

    I just love the feeling you get here on a beautiful sunny day like today, the auks nice and noisy, the lovely buzzing of the bumblebees and the beautiful calm of the sea - perfect for spotting Dolphins and Porpoise!  I really couldn't wish to be anywhere else right now!

    Hope you can all come and see us in our new visitor centre soon!

    Hayley :D