October, 2011

South Stack Cliffs

South Stack Cliffs
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South Stack Cliffs

  • Catch The Wind


    Blimey, we have seen some wickedly strong North Westerly winds here at South Stack this week,

    had a couple of American ladies that were blown off course from Holyhead Port and ended up at our RSPB visitor centre by mistake!,

    lovely ladies from the mid west of US of A,

    they loved our visitor centre, café and shop

    and thought that our South Stack Nature reserve was very quaint!!.  

    Thank you ladies - God bless you America.



     Talking of Birds blown off course, our local birder, volunteer and top notch nice bloke Ken Croft   reported that           

      in a 2 hour period in 1 day on Tuesday 18th of October from South Stack and the Range he saw :-

     5 Arctic Skuas, 1 Pomarine Skua, 3 Red Throated Divers, 1 Great Northern Diver, 273 Gannets, 278 Kittiwakes and 100’s of Razorbills and Guillemots.  

    Ken said that ‘’ if the winds are strong and North Westerly they blow over the Irish sea and into Liverpool bay and along the North Wales coastline, this gives a good opportunity to spot birds that you would not normally see so close to the sea shore line and creates  a very good opportunity to engage in a spot of sea watching’’.

     That’s well good Ken  amazing - nice one and thank you for coming into the visitor centre and updating our ‘’what’s about board’’ with you sightings – you are a star.

    So, what can I say, well - If mother nature gets a bit of strong North Westerly flatulence I suggest you get yourself down or up to South Stack for a spot of sea watching where you might see anything from American tourists to some of the sea bird species  that Ken has reported above.

    Ken, all the RSPB staff and me are here to help and make your day out at South Stack as enjoyable as we possibly can, The visitor centre is open all year round – lovely food, cakes, snacks and drinks, a plush new shop selling quality RSPB products ‘’Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts’’ and we have got a variety of walks and events planned for this coming Autumn and Winter period.

    Check out our events page on the RSPB web site and also our RSPB South Stack face book page for further information – find us at :-





    Hope To See you all Soon

    Love – Peace – Respect

    Mark  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Thank You



    I haven’t done this for a while (written a blog that is) so please bear with me. I have also been off work for a while because I had a car accident – I am ok and not brown breaded yet!!  Just trying to adjust getting back into normality.

    Sorry for being so deep but it does sometimes makes me think how fragile life can be and how it is sometimes taken for granted. Life of course is different for every individual person and living creature on this planet in which we live, we are all dictated by differing circumstances, we as human beings more than ever live in a very fast paced, time compressed world where the beauty in life around us is taken so much for granted and consumed without regard or a second glance.

    I am really grateful to be back at work for The RSPB at South Stack Nature Reserve – I really do appreciate the cause of my work and who I work for and the importance of fundraising for our nature conservation charity - I will try to make more of a difference in the future and be a better person if I can.

    I would like to thank The RSPB and all the staff and volunteers at South Stack for their kind support and especially Mo, her husband Ian and Rhian who have helped with lifts to work and to the shops while I am without a car.  

    Sorry for being soft

    Mark   x