Do you know your dragonfly nymphs from your great diving beetles?  Can you tell the difference between a caddis fly larvae and a water stick insect? 

If not, you are missing out on the weird and wonderful world of underwater beasties.  They are some of the most amazing creatures to be found at Strumpshaw Fen, but very few visitors actually get to see them (how many people do you know who've seen a water scorpion?).   

Pond-dipping is one of the most fun and fascinating activities you can do - and it's not just for the wee ones.  If you'd like to give it a go with some expert advice, why not book a place on our pondlife workshop (for adults) on 7 August.  If you're bringing children along, you can book on our children's bug hunt on 31 July or pop along to our pond-dipping day on 21 August.  If you can't make any of those dates, then hire some pond-dipping equipment from reception on any day of the week.