It's about this time of year that I get my best views of Cetti's warblers.

The male seem to be more shouty, more showy and a whoel lot easier to get to grips with.  There's been many a time when I've walked around the fen trail at Strumpshaw looking at people staring forlornly into a dense willow bush or some impenetrable piece of reed and sedge.

As ever with these things early morning or evening seem to be best.

Th added bonus with Cetti's warberls is that they are so loud that it usually triggers competition from blackcaps, garden warblers, wrens and song thrush.  So you end up with what can only be described as a pleasant, cacophony of noise.  Often this interaction gets quite heated and in trying to be 'top bird' many species tend to show really well.

Other highlights at the moment are an abundance of lapwing chicks at Buckenham and Cantley, which is very rewarding given the long hours Alasdair and Dominic have put in.

Finally, about 30 minutes ago, whilst taking a break from the computer I popped over to the screen at our reception hide.  There was a sudden burst of splashing no more than 30ft away and a great creasted grebe appeared with a fish in it's beak.  A bit later after a spell of bashing against the water and re-orientation, the fish disappeared down the hatch.  the other parent bird who is sitting a further 50 metres away on what looks to me to be a really precariously built nest missed the action, and the fish.