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Strumpshaw Fen & the Broads

Strumpshaw Fen & the Broads
Discover the amazing wildlife and landscapes of Strumpshaw Fen and the Broads. Find out what's about and share your highlights, photos and feedback.
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  • Blog Post: We're not on the coast, why should be care about Marine Conservation Zones?

    Nick Upton ( We're adjacent to the river Yare, which leads to THE SEA! Many of us eat fish, many of which come from THE SEA! Many of us go to the beach on holiday, which is next to THE SEA! Most Importantly: We love Nature, and huge proportions of the natural world are...
  • Blog Post: Strumpshaw-next-the-sea?

    "What are they doing here?" is a common reaction when visitors see the huge black birds perched outside Strumpshaw's reception - "Shouldn't they be at the sea?" It's a good question. Cormorants are usually thought of as seabirds, but they've always lived in fresh...