A great sight this morning in the sunshine at The Lodge, 4 buzzards, a red kite and a sparrowhawk all soared together in the skies above the gatehouse shop.The sparrowhawk was first seen, bombing the red kite and generally giving it a hard time! Yesterday, 3 hobbies were seen in the air together,it will be interesting to see when they leave en -route back to Africa for the winter-probably any day now.Another late summer bird,a chiff chaff called at the back of the car park, near Sandy Ridge at lunch-time.

The volunteers had a busy day yesterday, taking part in the face painting course in the morning and going straight to the thank you barbeque in the afternoon. Around 30 volunteers turned up to the marquee and bonfire, which we had set up on Sandy Ridge for a thank you get together. Apart from the food and good company, we saw 5 buzzards in the air together! The barbeque afternoon is one of the best ways we can thank our volunteers for giving us their time, enthusiasm and knowledge.